February is Black History Month!

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It is Black History Month. From businesses to events to membership in the BC Black History Awareness Society, there are many ways to support the Black community in the present and learn about the past!

Looking For More Sustainable Shopping Options?

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Have you been in search of more green and sustainable products? Many find it difficult to find truly eco-friendly and reliable products without it being too expensive, complicated ingredient list or simply some find it too time consuming researching alternatives. Do not fear because downtown Victoria has many options to choose from!

Tattoo Parlours and Body Art

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Whether you are looking to get your first or tenth tattoo, downtown Victoria has got you covered. We have a wonderful selection of tattoo parlours, each boasting a host of talented artists. With the pandemic still a part of our lives, downtown's fantastic small businesses, including its tattoo parlours, need our help to stay open and survive the financial difficulties of our present circumstances.

Earth Month Sustainable Living: Supporting Local Businesses

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April is Earth Month and one fantastic way to live sustainably is to support local businesses! Whether it's a retail shop, a grocery store, a restaurant, or a supplier, they help keep our city a unique and diverse place, re-invest more money into our community, and support the community through creating local jobs.

Earth Month Sustainable Living: Green Beauty

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A great way to lower your environmental footprint and care for the earth is to support green beauty companies and products. There are many downtown businesses to help you with this goal, from hair care to beauty salons and beyond. Remember that supporting local businesses is another fantastic way to be more sustainable too! Since April is Earth Month, when is a better time to explore new, sustainable self-care options?

Earth Month Sustainable Living: Buy Less Packaging

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Buying less packaging and reducing your single-use plastic consumption is a fantastic way to support the environment and minimize your plastic footprint. For Earth Month, we want to help you find easy ways to live more sustainably. So we have put together some suggestions and ideas for reducing your use of plastics.

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