Planning on driving downtown? Here are 5 resources locals love to help them find that perfect parking spot.

There’s actually plenty of parking downtown. And here’s the inside scoop on how to find it.  Below are five our fav’ resources to help you find free and paid parking spots, either close to your destination with a built-in walk to stretch your legs and enjoy Victoria’s beautiful sights, too!

#1 Resource: City's Parking Map

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Resource #1: City of Victoria Map Shows Parking Zones + Parking Fact Sheet

Why we ❤ it:  Essentially, this  map lets you choose a spot based on budget and time you need. As an added bonus, you can clearly see where paid parking ends, and where on-street parking starts. There are many 2-hour free on-street parking spots just outside the paid zone. Save this image to your mobile so it’s easy to find!

Source: This map is on the City of Victoria’s parking fact sheet. Access the latest version PDF on this page for more parking facts, like where you can always get a free hour of parking daily, parkade rates and hours & how to download the Park Victoria app so you can easily pay for parking on your mobile device.

#2 Honk Mobile & Robbins Parking

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Robbins Parking operates many lots downtown. You can now download the Honk Mobile app to find what lots have spots and how much you can expect to pay. Oh, and the best part, you can pay using the app, too.

Click here to search for a spot.

Download the app now.

#3 Resource: Interactive Downtown Parking Map

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Resource #3: Downtown Victoria Interactive Map

Use the map below to explore the parking options in Downtown Victoria with locations, rates, amenities plus the number of parking stalls in that location. Please note that there may be more options than what this map shows.

#4 Resource : Park-o-Pedia App

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Resource # 3: Park-o-Pedia.

Park-O-Pedia is a third-party application that’s awesome to help you find parking in most major urban centers. Good news, we have it in Victoria, too!

You can access the web version here, or download the app for quick mobile access at the bottom of this page. .

Resource # 5: Park, Ride & Save – Perfect for Office Workers

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Park & Ride Spots now available!

For $120 + GST, you’ll receive a monthly parking spot with a monthly BC transit bus pass ($85 value). Spots are available for May or June at 2915 Douglas street, a few minutes to or from downtown by bus.

to Register:
Contact Robbins Parking at 250-382-4411 or email

Victoria’s first Park & Ride is operating at near Douglas Street and Finlayson Avenue. This lot is currently sold out. It was launched in April 2017.

The Park & Ride program was born from an innovative partnership between the DVBA, Robbins Parking, Pattison Group, B.C. Transit and the City of Victoria.

About the our Meter Fairies

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Four days a week, our Meter Fairies roam downtown topping up expired meters with an extra 10 minutes.

This program is offered in partnership with the City of Victoria. If you have been saved by a fairy, share it on social media and use the hashtag #savedbythefairy.