Women’s History Month Spotlights Round-Up

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Throughout March, we featured many of the women-owned downtown businesses here on our blog with the goal of acknowledging and celebrating them and their achievements. They help make our city and our community special. With the month coming to an end, we wanted to collect all these features into one place and applaud them one more time! And they are not the only ones! All of the fantastic businesses downtown need our support to be able to remain open, even tagging businesses on social media is a great and easy way to lend our support!

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Bernstein & Gold

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Are you looking for beauty and a contemporary style in your clothing? Bernstein & Gold is the place for you! They have a fabulous selection of fashions, accessories, footwear, and beauty products. As part of Women's History Month, Claudia, co-owner of Bernstein & Gold along with Erin, shares her story and her business.

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Frances Grey

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As part of Women's History Month, we want to help celebrate, appreciate, and acknowledge the fabulous women-owned businesses in downtown Victoria. One of these is Frances Grey, owned and run by the wonderful Lara. Frances Grey is a treasure trove of fashion, with a great selection of women's clothing and accessories, as well as beauty products and home decor.

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Brown’s the Florist

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Are you looking to brighten someone's day with flowers? Brown's the Florist has everything you need to bring some life and colour to any room! They have a beautiful assortment of cut and potted flowers for you to choose from, in all of their three locations. Since March is Women's History Month, we want to help support the fabulous women entrepreneurs in the downtown core, including Brown's the Florist's wonderful owner, Natasha!

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Smoking Lily

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Smoking Lily offers beautiful, Victoria-made clothing that is comfortable, earth-friendly, and affordable! Trish and her team want to help you look and feel fabulous, while also pursuing their goal of creating zero fabric waste. This is a clothing brand that you will wear over and over! As part of Women's History Month, Trish shares her story and what makes her store special. Let's appreciate the amazing women in our lives and in our community!

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Barber and Fritz

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Is it time for a haircut? Do you want to try a new colour, new style, new length? Head down to Barber and Fritz and Ila and her team of fantastic stylists will help you achieve your hair goals! They also sell Barber and Fritz brand hair products from the Johnson Street salon. As March is Women's History Month, let's all take some time to appreciate the women who make our community so special, including the wonderful entrepreneurs downtown!

Women’s History Month Spotlight: SALT Shop

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SALT Shop has the ocean at heart. With their eco-conscious and locally made products, they want to help promote and support sustainability and ocean conservation. If you are looking for something beautiful that has an understanding of the present and a hope for the future, SALT Shop is the place for you! With March being Women's History Month, we want to support and appreciate the women who make our downtown businesses so special, including the wonderful owner of SALT Shop, Jess Wilson!

Take a Trip down Trounce Alley

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One of downtown Victoria's many alleyways, Trounce Alley, was created in 1859 by Thomas Trounce. It does a lot more than merely connecting Broad and Government Streets, it is also home to many wonderful shops and restaurants. With the pandemic still a part of our lives, our support is vital to these small businesses. Come down and see what you can discover!

How to Celebrate Family Day Downtown

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Monday, February 15th, is Family Day in BC! With the pandemic still a part of our lives, it's important to take the time to celebrate and appreciate the people who love and support us. If you're looking for ideas on how to celebrate Family Day, look no further! We've put together a list of some suggestions for activities and events, as well as some downtown businesses that will help you make your celebrations special!

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