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New Urban Learning Garden Takes Root in Downtown Victoria

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A new centre for regional education is sprouting at the Central Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library, right in the heart of the Food Eco District in downtown Victoria

Pride. Celebrate Belonging and Love. #Pride2018

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Pride week is here. It's about Love, integrity, Equality, Respect & Accountability, Collaboration & Inclusion. Here's what you need to know about that, and how to make the Pride Week colourful, fun and inclusive from July 1-8 in downtown Victoria, BC.

You don’t need dollar bills to have fun

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When you first get on a bike after a long time, like me, the secret that was obvious as a kid that you took for granted comes rushing back with greater applicability than ever. It is this: There is a freedom of being inside of you that’s always inside of you seeking connection through simple, genuine, and intentional fun.

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