Every year, downtown store owners and managers give holiday gifts to their staff. This year will be different because of the pandemic. The same group dinner options aren't possible. However, workers and staff deserve to be thanked for all their hard work and dedication to keeping our downtown businesses running.

Show how important staff are this year!


Holiday traditions will look different in 2020 for everyone, including how downtown business owners thank and celebrate their staff this holiday season. With big group gatherings being discouraged by the government, it is just as important to show staff and workers that they are valued and their work is appreciated.


Ideas for new traditions

While we can’t have the staff holiday dinners or parties of past years, we can choose to make new traditions. This is an opportunity to focus on supporting our local downtown businesses, which helps our economy and our community. Here are a few ideas of how you can give back to your staff and support your neighbouring businesses:


Gift cards

Gift cards are a great way to give staff a bonus during the holiday season and are an excellent alternative to pre-paid VISA, ITunes or other such cards. They help support downtown businesses and allow workers the freedom to pick something out for themselves from their favourite stores. With restaurant gift cards, you are giving them that holiday party meal in a safe, socially-distance, and supportive fashion.



We are lucky to have so many wonderful chocolate shops in downtown Victoria. From Rogers’ Chocolates to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, there is something for everyone, including at the all-vegan chocolate shop, Pure Lovin’ Chocolate. A little sweetness goes a long way to remind people of happy times and is a great way to thank workers.


Dinner by table

Another option for a holiday dinner for staff is for smaller groups of workers to eat together but to refrain from big dinner gatherings. Downtown restaurants, such as Aura Restaurant, John’s Place, The Mint Restaurant, and Brown’s Social House, have already implemented limited seating per table.


The holiday season is a time for celebrating the past year, what we have accomplished, and the people around us. After such a strange and challenging year, this is even more important. Workers, managers, and owners alike deserve to be rewarded and recognized for everything they do.


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