Meet Jared and Miyuki, owners of Jaga Silk. This tea bar specializes in high-quality maccha.

“The perspective that we’ve taken with JagaSilk is that we’re permalearners, constantly learning, and constantly sharing what we’re learning.”

Co-owner of JagaSilk, Jared has spent the last 15 years focused on the maccha tea experience. He and his wife, Miyuki, run a tea company that is predominantly wholesale, sourcing directly from tea farmers and importing teas in microbatches. The focus at JagaSilk is on quality sourcing, storage, and preparation of tea and Jared identifies human relationships as integral to delivering on each of those aspects.

Throughout the development of his company, Jared has turned to flavour enthusiasts in the coffee and wine industries for inspiration and support. His love of maccha is based on both the flavour of the tea and the numerous health benefits it brings. Connecting people to their food, and including them in the conversation about sourcing, is Jared’s major goal for his company.

Read Jared’s full interview.

Find jagasilk in nootka court.


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