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It’s day a-million-and-three of the COVID-19 pandemic and if you haven’t locked yourself in the bathroom away from your cohabitants at least once so far, congratulations! You’re doing alright.

Still, close quarters can be difficult and the added anxiety and stress of the public health emergency makes it very easy to notice that your partner or roomie blinks way too loud.

Get out of your daily routine and plan an evening or weekend of fun activities for you and your family or housemates to do.

Start with a morning of self-care (together)

Kick-off the day with something for your well-being. Do some yoga or take an online fitness class, go for a socially distant walk outside to take in the spring blossoms while they’re still here, or spend a quiet moment alone with a meditation session. While staying (virtually) connected with your social circles is extra important as we all continue to self-isolate, staying connected to yourself is just as important too. Carve a little bit of time for stretching or exercise and practice some self-care before the fun fully begins.

Yoga classes:

Fitness classes:

Meditation sessions:

There are many apps and online resources to make use of as you start or continue your meditation practice. For a more local experience that connects you to members of the community, you can also try a drop-in class (like the ones held every Wednesday evening or on Thursday morning). A daily habit of mindful breathing can be really beneficial for overall well-being so don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Continue into an afternoon of quality time

After lunch, plan a few hours of creative activities for the mind. Break out the colouring books or arts and crafts for the kids (or adults). Throw on your favourite record or CD for a true throwback, and the perfect opportunity to explain to the kiddos what the heck a record player even is. Or dust off the ol’ home library and spend a bit of time connecting with characters of the fictional variety. And if what you’ve got at home already just won’t do, Victoria’s small businesses still have you covered as they’ve adapted services to combat COVID-19.

Music and books:

Enjoy an evening of competition or cooperation

With an afternoon of engaging the synapses, set yourself up for an easy dinner (and maybe a drink) with some take-out or delivery. Many restaurants have adjusted their services to ensure that you can still get your favourite dish or try something new while staying safe.

Restaurants to order from:

  • Tasting Victoria and Islandist have both compiled helpful lists of places that are open and offering pick-up or delivery services. If you don’t see your favourite spot on these lists, reach out to the restaurant on social media or give them a call to see if they’re still open. (You’re also now able to order an alcoholic beverage with your meal so don’t forget to browse the beer or wine list before placing your order.)
  • A number of Victoria’s craft breweries are offering pick-up or delivery options as well (as are some private liquor stores). The BC Ale Trail has a handy brewery index with a filter feature that lets you narrow down the list for delivery or take-out in Victoria.

Now that the tummies are full of deliciousness, it’s time for the real fun to begin. Spend the rest of the evening off-screen with board games. If your supply or variety at home is lacking, get something new to dive into from one of downtown’s small businesses.

Board Game supply:


Make someone’s day (or your own!) with a bit of extra joy this spring. Some of downtown’s florists are still open too!

Florists for flowers:

Have some fun organizing a surprise date night for your sweetie, plan a whole day of quality time with the family, or spend some solo time reconnecting with your inner self to stay sane during this strange experience. And if you’ve already had your fill of quality time with the household, visit our events calendar to see what virtual distractions you can get up to. (Helpful hint: filter the results to show ONLINE events only.)


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