July 11 – 16, 2017

The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival is a free six-day family friendly community festival. Starting Tuesday, July 11 until Sunday, July 16, Victoria will become a hub of busking talent with performers coming from far and wide – with a good dose of some home-grown local talent thrown in! Dotted around the downtown core will be “Pitch Stop” pop-up locations where buskers will entertain and inspire.

Pitch Stops across Downtown Victoria include Ship Point (Main Festival Site), The Bay Centre, Market Square, Bastion Square, Victoria Public Market, Millie’s Lane (opposite Agrius Restaurant) & CRD Square.

The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival is committed to being a low impact festival.  Full recycling, water refill stations, and bike parking will be available at our main Ship Point Pitch Stop.   Help us create green power by jumping on the bike powered sound system at the Market Square pitch stop – helmets not required!

Down at Ship Point, you will not only get to enjoy world-class entertainment and iconic water views but also enjoy some delicious food from some top-notch local food trucks; Greek on The Street, Indecent Risotto, L’Authentique and Puerto Vallarta Amigos Mexican Food with Driftwood Brewery and Lemon Heaven serving up some delightful summer beverages.

The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival is presented by the Downtown Victoria Business Association along with supporting partners Tourism Victoria, Greater Victoria Harbour Agency, and the Hotel Association of Greater Victoria.

There is still time to show your support for this great community festival.  Contact Ian Piears, Cultural Outreach Manager, ian@downtownvictoria.ca for more information.


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Headlining Artists

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Beat The Streets

Syndey, Australia

Beat the streets provide a unique, exciting performance presenting acrobatics, dance and comedy. Their performance is a showcase of thrilling breakdancing, acrobatic flipping, rhythmic tap dancing and comedy with audience interactivity. The first crew to combine breakdancing and tap dancing and undoubtedly the most sought after street entertainers in Australia. Beat The Streets members have performed with  International Artists Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo and were featured on Australia’s Got Talent.

Duo Looky


A bartender and a waitress with a mobile bar, dreaming of fame in the circus world. Together they mix their coolest tricks with spicy humor to win the love of the audience. A Circus show that will leave you gasping for air, whether it’s from laughter or from astonishment. Duo Looky is a fast-paced acrobatic comedy show displaying original circus tricks and disciplines with unicycles and point shoes. From big to small Duo Looky entertains them all!

Eddy Eighty

Valencia, Spain

Go back in time with Eddy Eighty and his street show known around the world “The Power of the 80’s”. Eddy has been doing street theatre for the past 15 years… In his artistic career, he has worked in circus, dance and theater companies. People love his charisma and his personal fight!! The change is possible: All we have to do is go back and listen to what they told us in the 80’s!!

Nathaniel Rankin

Toronto, ON

As the Canadian Champion of Magic Nathaniel Rankin’s one man show Moments In Time combines state of the art modern magic, circus skills, dangerous stunts, audience interaction, comedy & mind reading. Moments In Time has been performed over 5,000 times in 35 countries and 5 continents. He is the Winner of The Asti Theater Festival in Asti, Italy, 1st place gold medalist at the Canadian Association of Magicians & 1st place gold medalist at Magi-Fest U.S.A!

Peter Rabbit

Toronto, ON

With his personality, experience, & execution, Peter Rabbit has become one of the most requested halftime act among top sports like NBA, WNBA, & NHL when he performed for New York Knicks halftime show. He has toured with Kayne West and appeared in Rihanna’s video “What’s My Name?”. While all this, he tours as an international busker across the globe, winning major awards from Halifax, Toronto, Port Credit, Istanbul, Dublin, & Stockholm.

Unicycling Unicorn

Los Angeles, USA

A fire juggler and a comedian, it’s when he rides high on his unicorn saddle perched on top of his 12-foot unicycle that he draws the most gasps and laughs. Jamey has been unicycling for 26 years and is a 7-time world unicycle champion. You won’t want to miss his grand finale where high in the sky he juggles a sword, torch and the most dangerous object of them all…a selfie stick!

Billions Cobra

Since 2000, Billions Cobra has thrilled audiences all over the world with his trademark stunts and comedy. Awash with flames, the Billions Cobra show features amazing acts of body contortion, and precision whip cracking, punctuated with some highly questionable dance moves. A silly guy with a weird name, and an edgy show means there’s something for everyone, from a flaming bullwhip to an oddball dance routine, you won’t know what’s coming next…


Toronto, ON

All a Board! All a Board! The FireGuy Extreme Skateboard Show is coming to town combining Skateboard Stunts with Circus tricks. He calls it “Skatertainment!” FireGuy juggles fire while riding the newest motorized skateboards and not just one but two skateboards at a time. It’s the Skatest show on earth! New for 2017 is Fireguy’s Flaming Maple Leaf finale. He’ll be launching himself through a flaming maple leaf to celebrate Canada’s 150th like no other.

Les Vitaminés

Quebec City, QU

Modern dance parody using Pilates balls, clownish boxing, tragicomic trapeze number, and dynamic mano a mano are all part of the unusual circus number performed by Les Vitaminés. This highly charged duo and colourful spectacle has been awarded many prizes all over the world! Les Vitaminés will grab the attention of all those are watching with high jinks sprinkled with improvised moments that bring the audience into play and dazzle audiences of all ages.

Bex in Motion

Toronto, ON

Take a spin with Bex in Motion; a show that incorporates fire, acrobatics, and mesmerizing hula-hoop tricks.  Spontaneous dance parties and outbreaks of fun and excitement for all ages!  With her quirky, light-hearted attitude and ability to involve audience members – Bex puts on a show that is sure to move you! In addition to fire Bex has four SpinFX LED hula hoops that sync to make for a bright and exciting night show!

Jenny Jupiter

Toronto, ON

THE UNOFFICIAL SHINIEST SPACE CADET IN CANADA. Jenny Jupiter is not just a living statue she is an engaging comedic encounter who is an eldritch being from the depths of a dark star! Jenny was voted Likeliest Contender for Miss Universe 2417 by the readers of Time Travel Monthly! Combining mime and movement technique, unique and spectacular costumes, music, and a dash of clowning, Jenny Jupiter brings you the best in interactive art and performance!


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The Kwerks

Langley, BC

Their music is a fresh, snappy folk-pop with hints of bluegrass. The Kwerks love having FUN on stage. They bring a lightness and a dose of laughter to their performances while offering a really authentic, honest performance. Some songs are fun and catchy, while others cut to the heart and catch peoples’ emotions. It’s all about fun, honest, connection with the audience for them. They are top 25 finalists in the 2017 CBC Searchlight Competition.

Joshua Smith

Penticton, BC

What one could suggest as being a Soul-inspired, captivating experience, Joshua Smith is a singer/songwriter who mingles catchy clever lines and infectious vocals in the company of playful storytelling. With a nod to “Motown,” Joshua captures tradition and folk-friendly modernism with his songwriting prowess. Imagine if Marvin Gaye, Hank Williams & Paul Simon took a trip to Nashville.

Aidan and Mandy

Penticton, BC

From their humble beginnings busking at the Penticton market, Aidan Mayes and Mandy Cole quickly realized they had something special. Similar but different. One listen and you’ll hear it; powerful and soft, edgy and smooth, poignant and lyrical, passionate and soothing.  These two combine these seemingly opposite elements with deft simplicity.  Smooth harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and playful guitar are the main ingredients that make up this grounded, inspiring, and talented duo.

Ari Neufeld

Vancouver, BC

Ari Neufeld performs from his center. It’s a flourish of young and old songs, familiar and brand new, fleshed out in alternating rhythms and melodies, performed on a wooden amplified stage, with added percussion, and elements of electric and acoustic guitar, piano, banjo, ukelele, and harmonica.  It is an interactive journey of the soul and the comedic musings of a hopeless romantic who looks at the world with compassion but through a contrasted filter.

Clover Point Drifters

Victoria, BC

A five-piece local Acoustic Bluegrass Band. the band consists of Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Resophonic Guitar and Stand up Bass. The Drifters pride themselves in their 3-4 part Harmonies in the old Bluegrass style. The band uses one mic like the old days which allows movement of the players and singers choreographed movement in and out of the microphone so there is always constant movement of band members. This can cause some humorous movement.

Chase the Bear

Victoria, BC

Chase the Bear love writing their own music but their hearts are with the classics and the 60s!  They aren’t afraid to take on The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkle or CCR. They can be found either writing or learning new songs at almost any hour of any day. You’ve probably heard them belting out an old-school favourite or maybe even one of their own while busking on the streets of Victoria.!

Salty Quips

Victoria, BC

The Salty Quips came together as the skiffle band in the Langham Court Theatre production of “One Man, Two Guvnors.” Within the year, they were drawing praise from the Times Colonist’s Adrian Chamberlain, who stated the band was the “show’s secret weapon” and declaring them “an immaculately rehearsed quartet, both theatrically and musically proficient.” Now with the production behind them, the Quips keep the firebox stoked and blaze forward as a high energy busking band.


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We are looking for some fun, hardworking and friendly people to join our volunteer team for the Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival.

We have a variety of opportunities for everyone to get involved.  The festival runs for six days (July 11th – 16th) and shifts start at just four hours long, although we would love to see you for longer!


or email volunteer@downtownvictoria.ca for more information

Volunteer Opportunities


    The time commitment for this role is a minimum of 8 hours throughout the whole festival (July 11th-July 16th). This role will require you to:

  • Lead, assist and encourage your team members in a friendly manner, spreading positive energy
  • Be committed and organized
  • Take over other volunteer roles as needed
  • Keeping track of the volunteer time sheet (hours, shifts, schedule)
  • Report any issues to Ian or Juliana
  • Listen to your team members and report any conflicts to festival staff


    This position requires standing and walking as well as a few other tasks:

  • Welcome guests and provide direction
  • Roam around the downtown core and festival area to provide information about the festival to the public
  • Distribute program guides
  • Help with crowd control and safety aspects of the festival
  • Report any suspicious behaviour to staff or team leaders
  • Help with other tasks as needed

For more information please email:  volunteer@downtownvictoria.ca


This position requires heavy lifting and standing as well as a few other tasks:

  • Provide all artist a warm welcome
  • Setup and tear down equipment as needed
  • Move artist equipment from one stage to another
  • Oversee activities at designated stages
  • Report any delays or issues to a staff member
  • Liaise with performers and help as needed
  • Report any minor issues to the team leaders



This position might require you to bike for long(ish) periods of time as well as a few other tasks:

  • Let the public know about our sustainability plan and our bike powered stage
  • Engage with the public and encourage them to try out our bike
  • Jump into another volunteer role as needed and on the bike if no public does
  • Provide information about the festival to the public


This position requires a lot of walking and standing as well as a few other tasks:

  • Help the public sort out their waste into the designated recycling bins and keep the recycling stations tidy
  • Keep the festival ground areas waste free
  • Make sure stage areas are clean
  • Empty waste and recycling bins around stages
  • Let the public know about our sustainability plan in your recycling station and in other festival grounds
  • Provide the public with information about the festival


This position requires a Serving it Right certification and a recent criminal record check as well as a few other tasks:

  • Check ID + do wristbands
  • Serve and sell alcoholic beverages to the public
  • Assist with setup and takedown of vendor products/equipment
  • Process cash and credit card transactions accurately
  • Sell Downtown Victoria merchandise as needed
  • Provide festival direction and information to guests