From November 29th-December 5th is BC Buy Local Week! This annual celebration is a way for everyone to support their local B.C owned businesses as well as strengthen our communities economy. And what better way to celebrate this awesome week than coming downtown to show some of your local love to your favourite small businesses! Here are some additional ways of supporting local downtown businesses.

Happy BC Buy Local Week!


Following these 7 days over BC Buy Local week, we will be giving examples of how you can contribute this week!

Today’s inspiration, put local on your table, buy local made, and buy local gift cards



#5: Shop local made


1. Good Vibes Space

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With a mission to inspire peace around the world with art, creativity, entrepreneurship, and community, Good Vibes Space is your one-stop-shop for all things locally made! This business provides its customers with local art, brands, quality handcraft, fair-trade global goods, cool collections, and overall gorgeous products!

#6: put local on your table


2. 10 Acres Bistro

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With the 10 Acres Farm located in North Saanich of Victoria, 10 Acres Bistro philosophy is serving farm to table with sustainable and local practices. Their diverse menu has a little something special for all who dine with them!


#6: Buy Local Gift Cards


3. 2% Jazz Coffee

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Gift cards have become one of the safest gift options! Not sure what to buy someone from their favourite shop? Buy a gift card! This will allow the individual more freedom to shop for more options in the store itself. An example of this would be buying a gift card to 2% Jazz Coffee. A locally-owned coffee shop located on 1701 Douglas!


There are limitless examples of local businesses downtown that offer these services, so here are just a few to name!

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