From November 29th-December 5th is BC Buy Local Week! This annual celebration is a way for everyone to support their local B.C owned businesses as well as strengthen our communities economy. And what better way to celebrate this awesome week than coming downtown to show some of your local love to your favourite small businesses! Here we will be giving 7 examples over 7 days on how you can contribute. Day #3: Give Experiences!

Happy BC Buy Local Week!


Following these 7 days over BC Buy Local week, we will be giving examples of how you can contribute this week!

Today’s inspiration, shop in-store! There are limitless examples of local businesses downtown that offer these services, so here are just a few to name!


Day #2: Give experiences


1. Axe & Grind

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Experience this unique interactive and local activity with a group! With a fully experienced staff, you have a chance to learn how to throw an axe in a safe environment. Bring friends or family (or both!) to this fun space for a little axe throwing competition!


2. Interactivity Board Room Cafe

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The Interactivity Board Room Cafe is a one-stop shop for every board game you could possibly think of! Looking for a nostalgic board game to play with your friends or family? Well, this is the experience for you. Not only that, they even provide the best snacks and hot beverages for you to get cozy with the board games!

3. Sapphire Day Spa

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Are you or someone else in need of a calming and serene experience? Giving a spa experience to a special someone could quite possibly be one of the best experiences out there! Especially after a long and stressful day. Join the Sapphire Day Spa for a time of self-care!


4. Brun Body Bar

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Staying aligned with a “spa” experience, you can also treat someone to another type self-care time! From tanning to manicure, Brun Body Bar is a perfect way to give a special someone, and even yourself, a local experience!

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