From November 29th-December 5th is BC Buy Local Week! This annual celebration is a way for everyone to support their local B.C owned businesses as well as strengthen our communities economy. And what better way to celebrate this awesome week than coming downtown to show some of your local love to your favourite small businesses! Here we will be giving 7 examples over 7 days on how you can contribute. Day #2: Shop In-Store!

Happy BC Buy Local Week!


Following these 7 days over BC Buy Local week, we will be giving examples of how you can contribute this week!

Today’s inspiration, shop in-store! There are limitless examples of local businesses downtown that offer these services, so here are just a few to name!


Day #2: Shop In-Store


1. Grindstone Cafe Victoria

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This quaint two-floor coffee shop located on 504 Herald Street offers the tastiest selections of food and beverages! Perfect for sitting and enjoying your cup of coffee in a warm environment while reading a book, studying, or even for a quiet sit-down.

2. The Papery

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The Papery on 734 Fort Street offers the finest selection of stationery products as well as a limitless amount of gift options. From gift-wrapping paper, card options, to packaging, The Papery is your place to explore!


3. Fan Tan Home & Style

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Located in the beautiful and historic Fan Tan Alley, Fan Tan Home & Style is your perfect stop for gifts, lifestyle, and home products! With a focus on quality and all things beautifully made, this shop has a large selection for you to browse.


4. Dangerfield

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Located on 543 Johnson Street, Dangerfield has a selection of ethically and sustainably made products. Looking for a high-quality made button-up? Dangerfield has one of the most fashionable selections in-store!


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