From November 29th-December 5th is BC Buy Local Week! This annual celebration is a way for everyone to support their local B.C owned businesses as well as strengthen our communities economy. And what better way to celebrate this awesome week than coming downtown to show some of your local love to your favourite small businesses! Here we will be giving 7 examples over 7 days on how you can contribute. Starting with Day #1: Buy Local Online.

Happy BC Buy Local Week!


Following these 7 days over BC Buy Local week, we will be giving examples of how you can contribute this week!

Starting with today, November 29th, buy something local online! There are limitless examples of local businesses downtown that offer online services, so here are just a few to name!


Day #1: BUY LOCAl online


1. Oscar and Libby’s

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In need of some eclectic gift ideas for the holiday season? Oscar and Libby’s has an array of unique gifts that range from game boards, novelties, housewares, and so much more! And of course, Oscar and Libby’s has an online shopping delivery service! Get your gift purchases from a local, online shop right to your door with ease!

2. The Dutch Bakery

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Why not get some of the best-baked goodies from one of downtown Victoria’s oldest bakeries! The Dutch Bakery has a mouth-watering selection of pastries, cookies, savoury treats, and a ton of more delicious items you can shop for with their online services!

3. Amelia Lee Boutique

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Located on the wonderful Yates Street downtown, Amelia Lee offers beautifully made lifestyle and fashion items. From a selection of women, kids, apothecary, and home items, there isn’t anything you find in this gorgeous shop online!


Again, there is countless locally-owned businesses downtown that offers online shopping services that make the shopping experience all that much easier. What are some of your favourite local online services?

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