Meet the wonderful owners of Cherry Bomb Toys- Candice and B! Specializing in all things collectibles and action figures, this mom and pop shop offers an array of all the toys you are looking for!

Cherry Bomb Toys


Welcome to Small Business Month! Through October, you will be introduced to some amazing local downtown Victoria business owners. We interviewed each owner to learn more about their business and what it is like to operate downtown.

Today, meet Candice and B of Cherry Bomb Toys. Let’s read more about what they have to say!



Inspiration Behind Cherry Bomb Toys


Many years ago prior to opening Cherry Bomb Toys, B and Candice had a little room in their apartment filled with amazing toys! After some thought, they wanted to share their passion for toys with the public by opening their own business. With Candice’s brains coupled with B’s know-how about the toys, the couple was able to successfully open Cherry Bomb Toys almost 20 years ago now! Their unique collectible offerings are what sets them apart from other businesses. Candice and B also shared how lovely the toy community is in Victoria! From passionate collectors to individuals looking for sentimental childhood items, they all come to Cherry Bomb.


“It’s the nostalgia and good-feeling really! When you see the parents bring their kids in and share what they grew up with…it’s awesome!”



All Things Cherry Bomb Toys


Candice and B explained they strive to buy from local sellers first! Many factors are involved when buying these vintage toys, and the owners want to ensure that they are able to offer a variety of options, from those who want backyard play to mint-in-box collectors. The best part for Candice and B is hearing the stories that are behind the toys when they buy from collectors.

“We love the stories…especially from their childhoods! It could be what that toy meant to them, or a funny story, really anything.”


There are so many items they buy that come in with amazing memories, and these sentimental stories are what inspired the two to open the National Toy Museum of Canada, a non-profit society created to preserve the history of toys, in their upstairs space.

“Victoria is ripe with so much amazing culture with all different types of collectors… there are artists, writers, painters, all into different things that inspire them. And some of those things are toys, and they share them with us!”


Another main priority B and Candice care about is making sure these toys have a good home and are taken care of. While providing a fun and sentimental environment, a part of their job is to also provide an educational factor when helping customers choose the toys. Additionally, the co-owners also shared they love learning from their customers as well! It could be from the storytelling or even an individual who worked at a toy company years ago for example. Candice and B explained they are always continuously learning even to this day as there is always something new to learn about toys!



Community Support


With a booming social media following and passionate toy community behind them, Candice and B shared how grateful they are for the local and international love! They want to ensure they are not only providing them with what they find everyone will love, but they also want to listen to their customers as well to hear what they have to say! This way, it creates a more inter-connected network with all their lovely community members that continue to be there for Cherry Bomb Toys.




Operating in Downtown Victoria


“Downtown Victoria has lots to offer for the locals! You get an atmosphere like no other.”


Candice and B boasted about the advantages of operating in the downtown district. Among the many beautiful buildings and historic feeling of downtown, they also explained that there is a wonderful variety of shopping and leisure options available for people of all ages!




Exciting Goals for the Future


B and Candice had explained prior to COVID, they were always big on events. From Capital City Comic Con, Nerdy Days of Christmas Craft Fair to Victoria’s Hobby and Toy Fair, Cherry Bomb Toys is all about gathering their community together! Of course, with the Government restrictions and the safety of others being the main priority, they look forward to these events being held in 2022. The owners emphasized how truly excited they are to host events once again and connect with toy lovers and comic con goers all around.



Make sure to check out Cherry Bomb Toys on 1410 Broad Street!


Thank you to Candice and B for being a part of Small Business Month and sharing your voices as beloved downtown Victoria business owners! View our other blog posts for more incredible local business interviews. 



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