Meet the great owner behind Quazar's Arcade- Steve! Steve has created a retro-inspired room filled with vintage and classic video games meant for all ages!

Quazar’s Arcade


Welcome to Small Business Month! Through October, you will be introduced to some amazing local downtown Victoria business owners. We interviewed each owner to learn more about their business and what it is like to operate downtown.

Today, meet Steve of Quazar’s Arcade. Let’s read more about what he has to say!


Beginning of Quazar’s


Over the years prior to opening Quazar’s, Steve had collected a few amazing arcade machines. He always had a passion for starting his own retro arcade and thought downtown Victoria would absolutely benefit from this business! Once he opened his doors in 2018, it has been successful ever since.


“1991-1993 is our sweet spot, DMD era pinball machines. This coupled with the classic arcades from early to mid-1980s up to the 90’s- that’s the Quazar’s feel!”


Operating During COVID-19


After being completely closed down for 15 months, Steve was able to open Quazar’s doors again after coming up with the idea to operate on a private rental system. This way he and his team were able to book family bubbles and properly disinfect in between sessions! The main priority for Steve was ensuring that all customers and staff felt safe inside the arcade! Fortunately now, Quazar’s can take walk-in service so make sure to check out this arcade with friends and family! Steve also shared how grateful he was for his hardworking staff. Their tireless efforts to ensure all guests felt safe and machines were in the top order meant the world to Steve!


The Quazar’s Experience


“The coin drop is the original arcade experience. People my age bring their families down here…it allows their kids to see technology their parents grew up on!”


Steve explains that it is a wonderful experience for individuals to see these original games in their original cabinets (meaning the vintage machines themselves) for the first time! When you purchase your Quazar’s arcade coins, you have the entire room of so many retro arcade games to choose from at your disposal! Steve further explains he and his team are more than happy to teach individuals how to exactly play pinball machines or other arcade games, even with some good tricks to beat the game! Steve emphasized he wants there to be an educational factor as well as an overall fun and enjoyable experience for anyone who comes in! He also shares that many people love to come down to game just for the environment itself. The low-lighting, music, and nostalgic feels are exactly what some people might need!

At Quazar’s they also rotate their video game collection often! His other booming business of Powerhouse Pinball Club on Store Street allowed for more space with more machines! This way he is able to rotate for a larger selection in each venue. Furthermore, with an amazing team of knowledgeable staff, Steve explained they are able to keep the machines in prime shape for usage by doing daily repairs, parts replacements, etc!


“These games, they had to design them so you would be attracted to it! The music would draw you to it, the lights flashing, everything about it entices you to play!”


As mentioned previously, these games and the arcade offer a nostalgic feel to individuals who grew up these in their life! Steve shares how rewarding it is when people tell him stories of their childhood playing the retro games he offers in Quazar’s and what memories come along with them!


Post Covid-19


When asked what lessons he wanted to carry forward from this pandemic, he emphasized a major willingness to adapt to changes! When things seemed as if normal life was not in the future, Steve had many plans as to how he was going to operate Quazar’s. Luckily, as restrictions loosed and he was able to open the doors up again, he was grateful for people coming in once again to show their support!


“I am really grateful and gracious about when people make a decision to come and support me!”


Make sure to check out Quazar’s Arcade on 1215 Government Street!


Thank you to Steve for being a part of Small Business Month and sharing your voice as a beloved downtown Victoria business owner! View our other blog posts for more incredible local business interviews. 


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