Meet the talented trio behind Victoria Market Collective- Katrina, Vanessa, and Cory! These three women have joined efforts to curate a store line of over 100 Canadian makers, designers, artists, and food producers. Located in The Bay Centre, The Victoria Market Collective brings downtown Victoria all its local artisan needs!

Victoria Market Collective


Welcome to Small Business Month! Through October, you will be introduced to some amazing local downtown Victoria business owners. We interviewed each owner to learn more about their business and what it is like to operate downtown.

Today, meet Cory, Vanessa, and Katrina of Victoria Market Collective. Let’s read more about what they have to say!



Motivation Behind Victoria Market Collective


“Market Collective is a team of three women. Cory Judge of Shi Studio, Vanessa Gaudet of Lady, and Katrina Dwulit who founded Esquimalt Farmers Market and co-owns Ocean Tides Health Collective. The motivation from this business was a sense of urgency to do something to support ourselves and our friends due to the pandemic closing down Markets – which during the holiday season equates to a majority of most makers annual income. The conversations started in the summer and by the Labour Day long weekend three acquaintances with a united vision coupled with passion and energy to support the handmade + local community of Vendors we belong to and respect deeply.”



Going Forward Post COVID-19


“Support local! It is near impossible to be able to solely live on local food and locally made items- BUT I am confident that each person can do slightly better. Only buying your eggs from a local Farmer, buying less “stuff” and more quality handmade gifts. The more we care for one another in our community a beautiful thing happens where people blossom and pay forward that respect and love.”


Support Over the Pandemic

“Oh gosh! The support is endless, from family and friends and the Vendors that we have partnered with to the thoughtful and positive shoppers, all of those who have loaned some sweat equity and the social media influencers that engage with our posts- and truly The Bay Centre staff has been remarkable in helping us launch this business!”



Most Rewarding Part of the Industry

“The most rewarding part has to be knowing that many of our friends were able to breathe easier during the holiday season when Market’s had essentially shut down. That is worth so much! We love being part of supporting the arts!”


Sense of Community Downtown Victoria

“Having a location in The Bay Centre has been wonderful! The other mall tenants as well as the operators of the Mall have made us feel so welcomed and so appreciated. Hopefully now with more loose restrictions, we will get to get to know our neighbours a bit better at the local restaurants and shops as we too start moving more.”


Exciting Future Projects

“We have really jumped in with two feet already, going from Pop Up to multiple locations (The Bay Centre, Mattick’s Farm and a weekend tent on Government Street) From October to June… in 9 months we had three babies!! The next step is ecommerce and then experiencing a holiday shopping season that is hopefully outside of pandemic restrictions <3”


Advice for other Small Business Owners

“Build bridges, not fences! Part of the magic of Market Collective is positively collaborating with so many small businesses. In our newsletter we even shout out other small businesses that we love. Strengthening the communities in which you live and work is a win win! Ultimately you start surrounding yourself by the place you want to be in by supporting one another. Make friends, be kind, get creative!”


“The team from Victoria Market Collective is so grateful for this experience. The learning, the introductions, the positivity….it’s been a golden experience! Thank you for the love and support! As a real grass-roots operation, your word of mouth and engagement on social media means everything! Thanks for helping us spread our reach through your circles <3”



Make sure to check out Victoria Market Collective in The Bay Centre!

Thank you to Vanessa, Cory, and, Katrina for being a part of Small Business Month and sharing your voices as beloved downtown Victoria business owners! View our other blog posts for more incredible local business interviews. 


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