Meet the wonderful green-team owners of The Good Planet Company- Ian, Alain, and Charlotte! This power trio works to provide downtown Victoria with more eco-friendly products. From bed and bath, all the way to home decor- The Good Planet Company has everything you could possibly need!

The Good Planet Company


Welcome to Small Business Month! Through October, you will be introduced to some amazing local downtown Victoria business owners. We interviewed each owner to learn more about their business and what it is like to operate downtown.

Today, meet Ian, Alain, and Charlotte of The Good Planet Company. Let’s read more about what they have to say!


Beginning of Good Planet


It is no surprise that The Good Planet Company is a staple name within the downtown Victoria region!

First opening its door in 2003 in downtown Victoria, The Good Planet Company has been supplying its customers with only the best green and organic products.

Going from a small location on Broad Street, they evolved in 2008 to the current location on the wonderful Fort Street! Both Ian and Alain since the beginning had a strong passion for all things green products and how exactly individuals could purchase more sustainable products. They explained that in 2003, it was quite difficult to source green products! Downtown Victoria specifically during that time did not have very many eco-friendly establishments to draw inspiration from, so with much research and trial-and-error, they were able to learn how to source their products efficiently.

They explained since day one they wanted people to feel it was a safe, educational environment for people to come into. The owners themselves, as well as floor staff, encompass a collaborative mindset when helping their customers so they can have a positive shopping experience!

“We are just a fun eco-store. We made an effort to make it colourful and lovely. Rather than a heavy, judgy kind of place!”

Fun Fact: Before the name, “The Good Planet Company”,  it was “Granola Groovy”!


Sense of Community Downtown


When asked about a sense of community in the downtown area, they boasted how wonderful it has been building relationships with other owners over these many years! Being on Fort Street specifically has brought forward many great bonds with new and old businesses that only support each other on their block and beyond! The owners also expressed how amazing it has been seeing over the course of 10 years seeing the evolution of Fort Street with all the businesses that have joined the neighborhood to make it a shopping hub for local Victorians!

“If you can find like-minded businesses that are willing to help you, it is the best!”


Sustainable Product Line

“With every product in the store has to come with a story. And that story has to have an impact.”

When sourcing products for the Good Planet product line, the owners first like to think local. Additionally, over the years they have found beautiful sustainably made international products such as their fair-trade, organic bedding from India! They further explained that as they love to find products that make a positive impact, they also try to balance these store items to be different and interesting for customers!

And as all these products are ethically sourced, every penny spent on these items is going towards something great with a larger impact! Not only that, but many make these purchases for their own personal health as well as on top of lowering their carbon footprint. It helps individuals stray away from harsh chemicals, plastic waste from conventional containers, and so much more! They also highlighted that customers do not need to make big purchases in order to make a difference. Everything counts!

“The cool thing is, there are enough people that have the mindset that their purchase means something!”


Charlotte, Ian, and Alain also love incorporating the customer’s suggestions into play when deciding what products to bring into the store! They put a big emphasis on putting their customers first and ensuring their service gives an enjoyable experience to those who come in! Not only that but having such great staff members that are always encouraged to share their thoughts on new product ideas.


Lessons Over The Years


Being in this industry for many years, the owners shared they had so many great learning curves! As the sustainable retail shopping industry is booming, they shared that keeping your head down and focusing on what is best for your business is vital!

“That was key for us was focusing on doing what we do best! We realized all we can do is look out for our customers the best we can!”


Make sure to check out The Good Planet Company on 764 Fort Street!

Thank you to the lovely owners of The Good Planet Company for being a part of Small Business Month and sharing your voices as a beloved downtown Victoria business owner! View our other blog posts for more incredible local business interviews. 



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