So many arts events have been cancelled, postponed, or had to move online over the past year. It has been a challenging time to access soul-enriching, vital art in person. We’re delighted to share that artist Stéphanie Prest’s solo show, “Big Sky”, postponed last year, is set to soothe and inspire at Fortune Gallery from May 28-June 28, 2021 (COVID measures in place and eight in the gallery at a time including staff and masks mandatory).

Only Big Skies from Now On…..with artist Stéphanie Prest



“At this time, What the world needs is definitely some peace and tranquility.
I am hoping that this is what my paintings can provide.”
-Stéphanie Prest


Looking to calm the pace and disappear into a peaceful, glorious respite from the world? Welcome to award-winning local artist Stéphanie Prest’s upcoming show at Fortune Gallery. Her paintings communicate celebration and reverence of the ocean, the forest and of course, the big sky. She has an uncanny ability to embrace the viewer with her use of colour, depth and perspective. Plus, you can visit the show in person (COVID measures in place and eight in the gallery at a time, including staff and masks mandatory).


In June 2019, Stéphanie was invited to put on a solo show at the award-winning, established Fortune Gallery, nestled in historic and vibrant Chinatown. She was elated to create a solo show based on Lower Vancouver Island’s stunning skyscapes. Montreal born and bred; Victoria has become her home over the past ten years. Stéphanie learned the show had to be rescheduled in March of 2020 and used the extra months to dig deeper into her work and its ability to impart resilience, grace and the power of nature.


Stéphanie has a BFA from Concordia University. Her flower arrangement and photography experience and her travels to Nantucket, France and Brazil inform her paintings. Long inspired by vivid colours and the study of colour theory, Prest’s work has evolved to explore colour, pattern and representation of physical forms.


“…I try to capture a certain sense of serenity that is often seen only in nature. Something I feel is often lacking in our fast-paced world.
My environment and experiences are a constant source of inspiration.”
-Stéphanie Prest


Opened in 2007, Fortune Gallery draws its strength and purpose from the arts community and the history, oppression and dignity of Victoria’s Chinese Canadian community. Showcasing diverse modalities, it is a focal point of the Victoria arts community.

Big Sky will be on display at Fortune Gallery, 537 Fisgard Street, May 28-June 28, Tuesday- Sunday 1 pm -5 pm. Meet the artist takes place May 29 from 1 pm -5 pm. Please contact the artist directly if you or someone in your life is immune-compromised and would like to visit the show.



How to find Stéphanie Prest and Imprest online:


3 responses to “Only Big Skies from Now On…..with artist Stéphanie Prest

  1. While we can’t be there in person Steph, you know we will be there in spirit! Best wishes for a successful show, Love, Aunt Kathie & Uncle Steve, Auckland, New Zealand!

  2. I like the essence of simplicity that your art implies and expresses. Where the sky meets Mother Earth on land and sea. The land is clear and evident, but the sky seems to go on forever. For me it relates to our smallness in the universe.

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