Whether you are looking to get your first or tenth tattoo, downtown Victoria has got you covered. We have a wonderful selection of tattoo parlours, each boasting a host of talented artists. With the pandemic still a part of our lives, downtown's fantastic small businesses, including its tattoo parlours, need our help to stay open and survive the financial difficulties of our present circumstances.

Downtown’s Tattoo Parlours


Downtown Victoria has many wonderful tattoo parlours, which all boast fantastic artists in every style! Whatever design, style, or imagery you want, there is the perfect artist for you here. Many of these fabulous tattoo artists have online portfolios and photos to help you in your search.

Like with our other small businesses, COVID restrictions have affected Victoria’s tattoo parlours greatly. They need our support right now to be able to stay open. Don’t forget that posting on social media about your favourite parlours and artists is a fantastic and easy way to lend them your support!


Painted Lotus Studios


Painted Lotus Studios began creating unique tattoo artwork in 2009. They are a custom tattoo studio, dedicated to providing every client with a personalized, safe, and positive experience. Their artists are all incredibly talented. Check out their online portfolios for help finding the right artist for you!


Tech Noir Tattoo


Owned by experienced artists, Bobby Tripp and Miles Kanne, Tech Noir Tattoo strives to break free of preconceptions about what a tattoo parlour is. They offer their clients a stylish, modern, and friendly environment and a fabulous experience. They take a clean, modern approach to their craft, with a unique open concept and a flair of Art Deco.


Universal Tattoo


Universal Tattoo on Wharf Street first opened in 1978 and has been offering high-quality artwork and customer satisfaction ever since. They have a relaxed and friendly environment and practice the highest standard for sterilization in every aspect of their work.


Black Cat Tattoo


Black Cat Tattoo was founded in 2016 by Cate Webb. It is an inclusive tattoo shop, which also features products by local artisans. The shop first opened in Fernwood but moved downtown in 2020. Their new location may be bigger but it is just as welcoming and wonderful as it has always been.


Lucky Fortune Tattoo


Lucky Fortune Tattoo is located in historic Chinatown, just past Fan Tan Alley on Pandora Avenue. They offer services in all kinds of tattooing. Big or small, they would love to see you! Send them an email for an appointment, it’s that easy!


Empire Tattoo


Empire Tattoo has been creating beautiful custom tattoos since March 2011. They have a series of house Artists, as well as hosting short- and long-term Guest Artists throughout the year. Their designs are all one-of-a-kind. Check out their artists’ portfolios to get a feel for their different styles and to find the right person for you.


Union Tattoo & Piercing Studio


Union Tatto & Piercing Studio was established in 2007 by artists Leroy Adrian and Greg Murphy. With seven talented tattoo artists and one skilled body piercer, they offer custom designs in every style! They provide free consultations to help you design the perfect tattoo for you.


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