The choices we make when we shop are important and can make a huge difference to both local businesses and the environment. There are many businesses downtown that care deeply about the environment and have eco-conscious initiatives, goals, and business plans. By supporting them, you help support their efforts and you can feel great about your purchase, especially during Earth Month!

Eco-conscious Downtown Stores


Climate change and sustainability are important issues, but it’s not always clear how we can help. One simple step is to consider the environmental impact of our purchases. We have a responsibility to help keep our city and the world clean and safe. Stores in the downtown core believe in this responsibility too. So many downtown stores and restaurants have implemented sustainability efforts and green initiatives.


Retail Shops



SALT Shop sells clothing, housewares, and wellness products like fragrances and skincare, all with the ocean in mind. They are passionate about connection, community, and ocean conservation, and every choice they make reflects that. They choose eco-conscious fabrics, which are locally designed and sewn in Vancouver. They design their products with long-lasting and multi-use in mind. They want to help us live better for ourselves and for the planet we call home.


Smoking Lily


Smoking Lily is both a lovely clothing store and a beautiful clothing brand. All of their creations are designed, sewn, and silk-screened here in Victoria. Their goal is to be a zero fabric waste company, making use of every piece of fabric they bring in. For example, their kids’ line and many of their accessories are made entirely out of leftover bits from their other projects.

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i.O.N. Clothing


i.O.N. Clothing stands for “It’s only natural” and the store only sells clothing, body care products, and accessories made from natural materials that are not harmful to the planet. They use fabrics like hemp, bamboo, soy, and wool, which are all easy to grow, help care for the environment, and have the bonus of being incredibly comfortable! Come down and check out the timeless styles of comfortable and natural fashion!


Silk Road Tea


Silk Road Tea began in 1992 in Victoria’s Historic Chinatown and has been creating teas, skin, and body products of the highest quality ever since. All their products are organic, which helps to prevent chemical pollution and has a lower carbon footprint. All their packaging is eco-friendly and either low or zero waste. They also have had a refill program for their teas since the beginning! Not to mention, each tea bag is packaged locally, using chemical-free filter material.

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ecologyst is a clothing store that believes that when people spend time in nature, they are more conscious about taking care of it. They want to enable people of all ages, interests, and experiences to get out among the trees, into the ocean, and up to the peaks. They support the Sitka Society for Conservation and, for every product sold, 1% of the sale goes to preservation projects devoted to air, water, land, and the creatures in them. If you become a member of SSC, they will give 2% of all sales to the preservation and sustainability of coastal BC.

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Anian is a clothing brand for men and women that is full of West Coast style, built for comfort, and made with the environment in mind. Their garments are practical for many different weather conditions and social occasions and are built to last. They salvage natural fibre textiles from landfills and use them to create timeless clothing.

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Nourish Kitchen & Cafe


Nourish Kitchen & Cafe offers a casual restaurant and cafe, a culinary market, and a communal space for community creativity and education focused on enriching our culture through shared respect for the natural world. Their meals are made with natural, thoughtfully-sourced whole food ingredients and seasonal offerings that honor the wisdom in the cycles of the seasons.


10 Acres


10 Acres has three restaurants and an online market where you can buy fresh produce, delicious bread, and tasty treats. Their two downtown locations are the Bistro and the Commons. The Bistro offers farm-fresh options for Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner, as well as a Happy Hour menu. At the Commons, you’ll find meals made for sharing, including seafood, tacos, sushi, and more! What they don’t grow and ethically raise themselves, they proudly source from other like-minded farmers and food purveyors.




Agrius is a fabulous restaurant for delicious pizza, wine, charcuterie, and more! They use Island-grown wheat to make their pizza crusts and all of their pizza is organic. Not to mention all the amazing pizza choices, whether you like your pizza cheesy, with mushrooms and kale, with salami, or even capers! Don’t miss out on the culinary delights and give them a call after 4 pm to order take-out!

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Influenced by Indo-French flavours, Fish Hook offers a farm-fresh and sustainably and locally sourced menu for lovers of delicious seafood. All of their dishes are Ocean Wise and they have dairy-free, wheat-free, and mayo-free alternatives for both their lunch and dinner options, which include a daily fish curry. You won’t want to miss out on the amazing flavours!


Habit Coffee


Habit Coffee has two downtown locations: in the Atrium and in Chinatown. They serve fantastic coffee that isn’t only about getting a buzz or enjoying a certain flavour. They believe that it’s about a culture of optimism, exploration, and communication. They work closely with Bows & Arrows Coffee, a local company that supplies the beans, to ensure the best quality, and with Synergy Foundation, local green business consultants, to maintain carbon neutrality at both of their locations.

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Zambri’s began in 1999 as a simple trattoria-like restaurant focused on serving a casual lunch and has grown into a beautiful restaurant with fantastic dinner and Happy Hour as well. They are part of the Food Eco District and all of their fabulous dishes are environmentally conscious. Located in the Atrium Building, they serve Italian soul food that is definitely a must-eat!


More information on Sustainable Food:

Check out the Food Eco District for information on community gardens, sustainable food, and the local businesses that are making sustainable food a priority. You can find them on their website, on Facebook, and on Instagram!

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