A great way to lower your environmental footprint and care for the earth is to support green beauty companies and products. There are many downtown businesses to help you with this goal, from hair care to beauty salons and beyond. Remember that supporting local businesses is another fantastic way to be more sustainable too! Since April is Earth Month, when is a better time to explore new, sustainable self-care options?

Green Beauty


There are benefits for you and the planet when you use sustainable and green options for beauty and self-care products. Whether it’s shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, or something else, using natural eco-friendly products will make you feel good for yourself and for your care for the earth.

Here are some fantastic downtown businesses that care about the environment deeply and can help you in your mission to support green beauty initiatives:


Elate Cosmetics


Elate Cosmetics is a fantastic line of beauty products that are vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, and ethical. They use only the best ingredients, ethical marketing, and innovative and sustainable practices. You can also find these wonderful products at Merchant Quarters General Store, Hunt & Gather Hair Salon, Inspire Hair Design, Bernstein & Gold, and Nezza Naturals.


Nezza Naturals


Nezza Naturals is a family-run company that cares deeply about the environment. All of their products, for body, bath, and home, are 100% natural and handmade, with as many organic ingredients as possible. Most of their liquid products are refillable in store for a 10% discount, including shampoo, conditioner, liquid soaps, cleaning products, and more! What a great way to save money and plastic!


Free Spirit Botanicals


Free Spirit Botanicals was created in 1998 when Joseph Gonyeau and Wendy Greer started making soaps. They then expanded their products to include hair care, skin creams, hydration lotions, lip balms, and so much more! All of their handmade products are free from harsh detergents, synthetic chemicals, and preservatives, and use a combination of botanical oils, herbs, and flowers to bring the healing abilities of the plant kingdom to you!


Inspire Hair Design


Inspire Hair Design has the philosophy of “Beauty with an Eco-Conscious Mind”. They want to help you feel gorgeous inside and out with a wonderful hair experience and a great sustainability plan. They recycle, re-use, redirect, re-claim or repurpose everything they can, including paper, plastics, compost, excess colour and tubes, Hairspray cans, foils, and even hair clippings. In fact, hair clippings collected by the Green Circle Salon program are turned into oil booms used to contain marine oil spills.


The Natural Hair Salon


The Natural Hair Salon started when co-owners, Natalie and Philip, wanted to pair great hair with sustainability. Using and selling products that are healthy for the environment, mentoring up-and-coming stylists, and beautiful Middle Eastern decor are just some of the things that make this salon wonderful!


Heartwood & Co.


Heartwood & Co. overlooks the quaint cobbled Broad Street and houses a beautiful Salon with hair and beauty services, a wonderful Academy with top-of-the-line courses, and a rentable Space for events, including a kitchen and catering services. They believe that your visit to their space should be a positive and unique experience and hope they can brighten your spirits when you visit!


Saltspring Soapworks


Saltspring Soapworks began in 1979 with the idea of creating a natural, handmade, and small-batch alternative in the realm of soap. Over the years, they have expanded to include more beauty products, but they are always rich in organic ingredients and natural botanicals.


Remember to tag businesses when you visit! It’s a fantastic and easy way to support local businesses and to share your discoveries about their natural beauty products and initiatives!

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