Are you in the mood for something sweet and delicious? What about something that also has a love of animals and the environment at its heart? Come down to Pure Lovin' Chocolate and discover their fantastic vegan and gluten-free chocolates! Treat yourself and enjoy! Owners, Cyndy and Leah, share their story and their love for chocolate as part of Women's History Month. Let's celebrate the wonderful women in our community this March!

Pure Lovin’ Chocolate


Pure Lovin’ Chocolate is a fabulous vegan chocolate shop owned by Cyndy and Leah. If you are looking for a little treat for yourself that also has a love for animals and the environment, this is the place to come! Their chocolates are also organic and gluten-free. Whether you’re a fan of caramels, cremes, pure chocolate, mint chocolate, or something else, they have what you crave! They also offer gift cards and free local shipping!



What is your background? What made you want to open your business?

“Pure Lovin’ Chocolate was imagined, created, and is operated by a mother (Cyndy) and daughter (Leah) team. Cyndy and Leah have always shared a close relationship and a mutual love of wholesome food, animals, and the environment.

Leah fell in love with cooking at an early age, while helping Cyndy create delicious, healthy meals in the kitchen of their log home in rural BC. This is also where Cyndy taught her the art of confectionery: making Sponge Toffee, Brittle, Caramel, and other treats for special occasions.

Leah went on to study cooking at S.A.I.T in Calgary, Alberta, and graduated with her Red Seal Certificate in the trade, with a keen interest in sweets and confectionery. After years of cooking professionally in restaurants, Leah was looking to take a different direction and focus on a more socially conscious approach to cooking. Meanwhile, Cyndy had just returned to Victoria following several years of living abroad. After living on separate continents for years, Leah and Cyndy were both eager to spend more time together and do something they were both passionate about. After Leah made up a batch of Vegan Truffles for Cyndy as a Mother’s Day gift, the concept of Pure Lovin’ Chocolate was born!”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


For someone who hasn’t been to Pure Lovin Chocolate before, what is your business? What makes it special?

“At Pure Lovin’ Chocolate, we are committed to offering a variety of delectable, luxury vegan chocolates that are hand-crafted with care in small batches so they’re always as fresh as possible. Pure Lovin’ Chocolate offers one-of-a-kind tasty confections made with organic and natural ingredients. They are also Soy-Free and Gluten-Free.”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


What inspires you?

“We care about the welfare of all animals and the health of the planet and we want people to enjoy the pleasures of luxury chocolate confections that support those ideals.”


Why downtown?

“Downtown Victoria is a historic and unique attraction for people from all over the world, which gives us a customer base that is unique and inspiring. Part of our joy comes from talking to diverse peoples and sharing our love of chocolate with them.”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


What advice would you give to others who want to start a business?

“Have a passion for what you want to do, but do your homework. Research your market and make a business plan to help provide needed guidance in how to move forward. It’s a romantic notion to start your own business, but it usually means 24-7 commitment for the first several years, so be prepared. Celebrate the big victories, but also the small moments of achievement. Remember those moments to keep yourself inspired during the difficult moments that may come.”


What would you have liked to know before you opened yours?

“So many things! We’ve had to learn many things the “hard” way, but experience is the best teacher and it’s been a rewarding, successful journey so far.”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


How to find Pure Lovin’ Chocolate:

Pure Lovin’ Chocolate is located at #102 – 3 Fan Tan Alley, which is at the end of the alley closer to Pandora Avenue. They can be reached by phone at (250) 590-0414 and by email at You can find them on their website, on Facebook, and on Instagram too!

Their online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if you sign up for their email list, you get 10% off your first order!

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