Is it time for a haircut? Do you want to try a new colour, new style, new length? Head down to Barber and Fritz and Ila and her team of fantastic stylists will help you achieve your hair goals! They also sell Barber and Fritz brand hair products from the Johnson Street salon. As March is Women's History Month, let's all take some time to appreciate the women who make our community so special, including the wonderful entrepreneurs downtown!

Barber and Fritz


Barber and Fritz is both a beautiful hair salon and a fantastic haircare brand. Ila Meens started out by making her own hair care products then opened the salon, where she helps you and your hair feel fabulous! Whether you are looking to find a new style, refresh a favourite one, or try one of the hand-bottled, small-batch hair products that will have you falling in love, Barber and Fritz is the place to be!


Photo by Ariel Glidden


What is your background?

“I opened my first salon (Hive hair) in 2001 when I was 23. I operated that salon until I sold it in 2015. During that time, I developed a haircare collection called Barber and fritz. Paul da Costa, who opened and operated the Aveda institute on Douglas st, and the hair school I attended :), approached me to open a Barber and fritz location in town. My brand does well online and has a celebrity following – but had very little local presence. We opened the doors on January 1, 2020 ( LOL ).”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


What made you want to open your business?

“I’ve been an entrepreneur since the day I was born. I’ve been designing spaces & businesses in my imagination for as long as I can remember. It’s a never-ending flow of visual ideas and concepts that beg to be born. It’s not a choice, it’s a compulsion.”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


For someone who hasn’t been in Barber and Fritz before, what is your business? What makes it special?

“Our space is breathtaking. Really truly bangin.

And! We carry Barber and Fritz exclusively – in an ocean of crap corporate salon hair care that’s actually all owned the same exact mega conglomerate- here’s a completely local, beautiful, ahem….the MOST beautiful haircare line in the all the world. Made right here by moi.”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


What inspires you?

“It’s a state of being. Not a thing I can say.”


Why downtown?

“I love downtown victoria, I love the local grind, I dig a bit of chaos and realness. I want to work and live in a dynamic, diverse, creative environment and that’s downtown. Wouldn’t even consider uptown. Not my scene.”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


What advice do you have for others who want to start a business? What would you have liked to know before you opened yours?

“Stay true to your vision and don’t take any unsolicited advice 😎”


Photo by Ariel Glidden


How to find Barber and Fritz:

Barber and Fritz is located at 108-561 Johnson Street. They can be reached by email at and through their website! You can find them on Facebook and Instagram too and don’t forget to check out their online store!

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