Cat's Coffee & Cake is open downtown! They are a coffee shop with a wide selection of delicious treats and cakes in all shapes and sizes. With the pandemic still a part of our lives, small businesses, such as Cat's Coffee & Cake, need our help to stay open and survive the financial difficulties of our present circumstances.

Cat’s Coffee & Cake


Cat’s Coffee & Cake is a coffee and cake shop on Douglas Street, which is filled with delicious treats, cakes in a cup, and other baked goods. Whether you are looking for a cup of coffee, a quiet place to sit and take a moment to yourself, or something for a sweet tooth, this is the place to go! You can also order all their delightful treats online!


Cat with her lovely staff. Photos by Ariel Glidden


Cat’s Story

“Hi, my name is Catherine. And everyone calls me Cat. I was once the EVP of a large real estate company in Nan Jing, China; however, I started to focus more on taking care of my family since my son started school in Beijing, in 2005. Ever since then, while working full time (on a flexible schedule), I began writing at China’s most popular social media platform – Sina Blog. My blog was coined, “Cat’s Days”, solely aimed to document my family life with the medium of food. To my surprise, the attractive food and the desired lifestyle I blogged about every day, pushed me to the top with 100k subscribers and millions of views.


Photos by Ariel Glidden


“Because of such honour, I published “Cat’s Days” as a book and became the staff writer at “Good Housewife”, “Healthy Lifestyle”, and many more magazine columns. I was also lucky enough to be a special emcee at BTV channel for a Japanese cooking show and also a professional judge at the highly reputational food show named “France Chef”.

“With those achievements, I was invited by tourism companies to tour Australia, Norway, Korea, and many more countries for advertisement purposes.


Photos by Ariel Glidden


“In 2014, I visited Victoria and fell in love with the vivacity, beauty, and friendliness of this city at first sight. I believed my dream café should be located in this city, my dream city. At the same time, Mr. Terrence (the former owner of the café in the current location), was approaching retirement and was planning to sell his coffee shop.

“So, this is the reason I am here today like everything was destined from the beginning.


Photos by Ariel Glidden


“In 2018, my son was accepted into a college in a different city and left Victoria, and I decided it’s time to do something I enjoy, to start a new life of my own. So I started this little coffee shop in Victoria downtown called “Cat’s Coffee & Cake”.

“So far, our desserts at Cat’s mostly use high-quality ingredients from BC, with some eastern elements, such as jasmine and matcha, added in. I like to keep my products moderately low-sugar and low-fat, combined with the likings of local customers, I’m committed to making healthy and original desserts. I would like to call them light dessert.


Photos by Ariel Glidden


“Although we encountered the pandemic at the beginning of our business and faced unexpected difficulties, Cat’s has already received plenty of approval and appreciation from our local community. Some customers said to me that, the pandemic will eventually be gone, and there will for sure be more and more people who will start to enjoy this coffee shop; I also believe that the love, effort, and persistence we put into our work will help Cat’s become better and better.”


Photos by Ariel Glidden


How to find Cat’s Coffee & Cake:

Cat’s Coffee & Cake is located at 1213 Douglas Street. You can reach them through their website contact forum, by email at, or on the phone at 250-590-1699! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram too!

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