October is Small Business Month! This year, we are working with the amazing project, Talking Shop, to share great stories of local small businesses. Read Talking Shop's article on Pom Pom Boutique, a unique spot selling all things lovely.

Celebrating Small Business Month with Talking Shop


Talking Shop is a project to tell the stories of the local owners and entrepreneurs behind your favourite shopfronts, especially as we battle through these difficult times. On the Talking Shop blog, you can find conversations with local small business owners and leaders and news from the industry. The aim of Talking Shop is to create a community of #supportlocal advocates.

Pom Pom Boutique

In Talking Shop’s post “In Conversation with Natalie // Pom Pom Boutique,” Natalie, owner of Pom Pom Boutique, discusses her journey and the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship with an authentic flare. Keep reading to get a taste of the interview, or better yet, read the entire article now.


Photos by Michelle Ardiel for Talking Shop


What drives your aesthetic?

“Coco Chanel said it succinctly, “Everything under the sky is architecture,” and I respect that.” (Keep reading)


Photos by Michelle Ardiel for Talking Shop

How did Pom Pom come to be? 

“It was a combination of all things lovely over 36 years. It was a lifetime of curtain calls, many loving years of business, and marriage with a partner that can realize dreams. There were unbelievable losses both personal and financial and wonderful triumphs.Pom Pom will never be a grand salon of Paris, but it can offer a customer warmth and mesmerizing style. We know the part by heart on this business stage and hope to get a standing ovation a good deal of the time.” (Keep reading)




Anything you’ve learned that you want to pass on?

Photos by Michelle Ardiel for Talking Shop

“Whoever goes into business has to realize that there exists a metaphorical fast-moving train that was there far before any of us. But we think we are new and better, so we get on that train, then realize that those passengers  — and there’s a lot of them — have put in the time. So now the challenge to survive really begins…” (Keep reading)








Downtown Victoria’s favourite quote from Natalie’s interview:

We really care. Every person is like a marvellous cocoon of experiences and we are there to listen.”

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