Read about Debra Thomlinson, manager of Avalon Books in Market Square.

Debra Thomlinson has worked at Avalon Books for 15 years. She has studied all forms of spiritualism, and has a great love of books, crystals, and metaphysical subjects. That’s why the store was created.


How did you choose downtown for the location of your store?

Downtown choose us, actually. When I walked into the shop years ago, I knew I wanted it and would do whatever it took to own it.

“I love being in the center of Victoria and Market Square has such a rich history that attracts thousands of visitors per year. It’s a warm welcoming location.”



What are your most popular products/services?

Books, Crystals, Tarot decks, very popular Witch Craft wares, incense, and semi-precious jewelry. Our most popular services are the psychic readings done in the store. We have started offering classes in witchcraft, tarot, palmistry, tea leaf, shamanism, Reike and soon we will be offering art classes.


What inspires you?

“What inspires me the most is the gratitude people show when they walk in the shop and say to us: “We are glad you’re still here! You have such a beautiful store. Victoria would not be the same without Avalon around”. We hear this compliment daily.”


Where are your favourite places to enjoy downtown (other than your own store)?

I like Vintage after Death, Little shop of strange, Oscar & Libby’s, Wannawaffle, Camera Traders, The Drake, Whistlebuoy Brewery, Fuego, Hey Happy, Mom’s Cafe, Green Cuisine.


What else would you like everyone to know about you or your store?

Our 50th birthday is in October 2020! We are the oldest new age shop known in BC.

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