Meet Shane, owner of Sherwood. Sherwood is a noon to night bar and community meeting place.

“I’m a big community person, and I wanted to create community space for people of all shapes and sizes to gather. That’s one of the things I’ve been most proud of in that space over the years.”

Owner of Habit Coffee in the Atrium and in Chinatown, Shane decided to take a risk and open Victoria’s first ‘Morning to Midnight’ café and bar. Sherwood is unique because it offers a wide variety of food, drink, and atmosphere. From speciality coffee and breakfast food to cocktails and tapas, Sherwood maintains quality from sourcing to preparation to serving. Shane is committed to creating open and welcoming community spaces in Victoria. He believes that it is his responsibility as a business owner to create a working environment that is supportive and positive, recognizing that his loyal staff are what make his vision for his business a reality.

For Shane, businesses like Sherwood are a sign that Victoria is growing into bustling and diverse community and shaking off ‘newly-wed and nearly-dead’ stigma. What Sherwood offers is a chic city experience that maintains the approachable Westcoast feel that Victorian’s love.

Read Shane’s full interview.

Find sherwood on douglas street.


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