Meet Sallie, owner of Venus Sophia. Sallie serves specialty vegetarian high tea.

“Tea really lifts people’s spirits and I just love sharing the positivity. I’m doing something that’s wholesome and good for the community.”

In 2011, Sallie and her husband Alain started Venus Sophia in the heart of Chinatown. They serve high tea with a twist, offering a fully vegetarian menu. Venus Sophia is an oasis in the midst of downtown, the perfect place to take a pause in your day and relax. For Sallie, her small business is the perfect combination of hospitality, business, and family. Her background in the hospitality industry guides her as she maintains the highest level of service and care for her customers.

Venus Sophia is a family business. Alain and Sallie are a strong team, and their daughter has grown up in this thriving business.

Sallie’s philosophy is to bring a little positivity into someone’s day every day. Sallie stays inspired and grounded in her business by constantly returning to this core value of care.

Read Sallie’s full interview.

Find Venus Sophia on fisgard Street.


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