Welcome to Loy Sing Co. Owners Daniel and Shelly have been serving specialty roast meats in Chinatown for over 25 years.

Daniel immigrated from China in 1991. He worked with the previous owner of Loy Sing for many years before taking over the business 25 years ago. Now he runs the shop with his wife, Shelly. The shop is open 7 days a week.

Loy Sing is the oldest Chinese business in North America. It has been open for over 130 years, serving and preparing Chinese delicacies. Daniel learned from the previous owner everything there is to know about the specific foods and styles of preparation that are important for Chinese culture. He prepares a whole roast pig to sell fresh every day. Many downtown restaurants buy from him and he sees a steady stream of customers off the street as well.

We sat down with Daniel, his daughter Jenny, and Councilwoman Charlayne Thornton-Joe to understand more about the incredible legacy at Loy Sing.

“This tells us a little bit about the Chinese-Canadian story. Our parents work hard to put us through school. Their hope is that their kids are going to get university degrees and get jobs that will better their lives.

For Daniel, coming to Canada was the first opportunity, and the second is to find work that will allow him to send his kids to school.

Everything you do is for your children.” – Councilwoman Charlayne Thornton-Joe

Read the full interview.

Find Loy Sing on Fisgard Street.

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