Meet Kurt, owner of Guitars Plus. Kurt shares his passion for music with every customer.

“Music completely occupies my mind. When I’m having a conversation if they say a line from a song I’ll say a lyric back. I don’t know where my car keys are, but I can remember almost every song I’ve heard.”

From professional roadie to music sales rep to store owner, Kurt has been choosing music as his guiding path for most of his life. His passion is what keeps him in the business world as he has the opportunity to meet other music lovers from every walk of life. Guitars Plus carries instruments that are more than a brand name. Kurt believes that it is his willingness to stock beautiful instruments from lesser-known brands, like Canadian Godin, that sets him apart from the big music retailers. The majority of his customers are willing to try something new, and Kurt is there to help them find it.

For Kurt, the biggest reward of his business is seeing the way that music can impact a person’s life. As a retailer, he gets to be part of that story, whether someone is buying their first instrument or returning with a seasoned love of music.

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Find guitar’s plus on Blanshard street.


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