Meet Natasha, owner of Armeni Jewelers. Jewelry is a staple part of Natasha's Armenian heritage. She is a major success in the male-dominated industry, celebrating ten years of business.

“My style is very fluid, from modern all the way through to vintage so anything can inspire me.”

Goldsmithing is Natasha’s family legacy. She began learning the trade at sixteen and went on to train as a professional goldsmith after high school. She now owns Armeni Jewelers, tucked away on upper Humboldt. Working with a wide variety of high-quality materials, Armeni specializes in custom work. Natasha enjoys custom work because it allows her to not only fulfill a client’s vision, but to expand her own creativity by working with her clients’ ideas.

Victoria is the perfect city for Natasha’s design philosophy. She draws inspiration from the contrast between old and new, such as the brick heritage buildings and shiny modern high-rises, that colours the landscape of downtown. There is a similar contrast in the current fashion for fine jewelry, combining simple modern lines with vintage art deco, or using white, yellow, and rose gold together in a cohesive design.











Read Natasha’s full interview.

Find armeni on humboldt street.


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