Meet Andy, owner of Green Cuisine. Green Cuisine is Victoria's favourite vegetarian buffet.

“It’s nice that it’s well-received these days, the plant-based lifestyle as it’s now called is just exploding. It’s rewarding, being in this industry.”

Celebrating nearly 30 years in Market Square, Green Cuisine is one of downtown Victoria’s favourite vegetarian restaurants. For Andy, owning the restaurant has been his way of sharing his own lifelong vegetarian philosophy. He’s inspired by simple flavours and fresh, good food, incorporating many Asian influences into the menu. Victoria is the ideal place for Andy because the West Coast is on the leading edge of the plant-based lifestyle movement. Not all of Andy’s customers are vegetarians however! Green Cuisine is a destination for anyone who’s looking for a fresh and delicious meal.

The unique pay-by-weight buffet design has been Green Cuisine’s signature from day one. True to Andy’s overall philosophy this system ensures that there is almost no food waste. Andy’s business neighbours have supported his vision as the restaurant continues to thrive. He is now the source of tofu and tempeh for the Zero Waste Emporium. Andy hopes that the plant-based lifestyle will continue to grow in Victoria’s business community.

Read Andy’s full interview.

Find Green Cuisine in Market Square.


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