Meet Willow, owner of Folk. Folk is devoted to local and casual women's clothing.

“I love my job. I’m living the dream. Retail has a bad rep for being a transition job but it can be a career if you put enough into it.”

Building on her background in the visual arts, Willow has crafted her store into a retail haven. She and her team do not simply sell clothing, they are stylists dedicated to helping their customers find pieces that complement and build their confidence. Willow wants to challenge myths about women’s bodies. She helps her costumers focus on the aspects of themselves that they like, celebrating what makes each person unique. She loves to be part of peoples’ life stories, whether it is finding an outfit for a first date or a wedding.

Willow’s business is part of the bustle of Fort street. She likes to be downtown and is encouraged by the way that the community continues to grow and become more diverse. When customers shop at Folk, they are putting their money towards Willow and her family, which they always try to reinvest in the community by shopping locally.

Read Willow’s full interview.

Find folk on fort street.


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