Meet Brian, owner of Ocean River Sports. Specializing in outdoor apparel, equipment, and ecotours, Brian is a strong supporter of marine conservation throughout the Gulf Islands.

“Our formula is not just to be a store but also to teach, rent, and run ecotours in order to make our own customers.   We are in our 37th year and this year feels like it is shaping up to be a good one.”

Brian has been a kayaking enthusiast since long before it was a staple activity in Victoria. Through his small business, he has shared his love of the outdoors with his community. Introducing people to their natural surroundings is one of Brian’s major goals for Ocean River Sports. He and his staff are dedicated to providing excellent service, ensuring that customers find the equipment and gear that will work best for them. Ocean River Sports is much more than a retailer, however, their ecotours are incredible experiences for beginners and seasoned adventurers to explore Victoria’s marine surroundings.

Part of Victoria’s business community since 1981, Brian is dedicated to supporting his fellow business owners throughout the city. He has also used his business to support conservation efforts throughout the Gulf Islands. Brian recently partnered with the Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society (SIMRES) on the For the Whales campaign. Brian embodies the fact that to be a true lover of the outdoors you must also be a protector of the outdoors.

Read Brian’s full interview.

Find Ocean River Sports on Store Street.



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