Ang says downtown Victoria is her place to be NOSTALGIC. She offers the perspective of a born and raised Victorian and shares how downtown Victoria is connected to her sense of art, culture, and community.

Are you one of the rare breed that was born and raised right here, in Victoria B.C.? Many of us moved to this beautiful city for various reasons, but for those of us who have longer roots here, Victoria is a city of memories. Many things have changed in the last few decades and the city has seen many new faces, but downtown continues to be a centre for community.

Ang Voht shared with us what it was like to grow up in Victoria, and told us why downtown is a nostalgic place for her.


Watch Ang’s Yp2b Video:


Being a youth downtown

“I think it was really about realizing how much more there was in the world in terms of music and culture and art.”

Ang describes the way that downtown Victoria was a central hub for young people to come together and form a larger community outside of school. This community included an incredible diversity, which has continued to this day. 

“It wasn’t just about kids from different schools, it was different subcultures as well.”


Why Downtown

“We all came from different areas and it was a safe space. Being downtown helped us create community because we would not have known each other otherwise.”


Ang who?

Ang Voht is a mid-career mediation professional, born and raised in Victoria. Ang lives downtown with her partner, daughter, cat, and dog. She regularly meets up with her best friend of 30 plus years, Jodi, to hang out in downtown. The friends often grab a bite at Ferris’, John’s Place or Pagliacci’s, or to shows at the Copper Owl. When Ang isn’t with Jodi, out camping or at a show, she’s at home downtown, creating new pottery.


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