Meet Parris and learn a little more about the many hats he wears at the Victoria Public Market and why he says downtown Victoria is his place to be creative.

Downtown Victoria is my place to be creative. Downtown Victoria is my place to be creative.


Whenever I schedule a meeting to collaborate on an art project, it’s always downtown at a local coffee shop or the Victoria Public Market.


Can you share what you like best about the Victoria Public Market?


There are a lot of great things about the market and that’s why I’ve been there for so long like many of my coworkers. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. From the moment you walk in the market’s front doors, you’ve entered a communal space.

The Victoria Public Market is where people of all ages and stages come together.


What do you love about downtown Victoria?


As a teenager, I thought downtown was boring and had nothing going on. Now in my early twenties, I am fascinated by the history of this town. To have a historic site like Helmcken House as part of the Royal BC Museum amazes me.

I am proud of how far we have come as a community and a society.


What do you tell people about your job at the Victoria Public Market?


During the week, I work as a cashier for Roast Meat and Sandwich Shop, the Taco Stand, and La Pasta. On the weekends I’m the Day Vendor Coordinator. That means I help local artisans sell their products, crafts, or services in the market.


Having two distinct roles, one as a cashier and the other as the Day Vendor Coordinator, helps me understand the importance of the market and its role in building a sense of community.



You mentioned that you are a sixth generation Victorian – how has this shaped your relationship to downtown?


The lower island is my home and it’s pretty much all I know. In the Summer, downtown becomes a fairground. There is constantly something going on whether it be buskers, markets, parades, music festivals or Canada Day celebrations at the Legislature. You can have so much fun just by participating in local events or being a tourist in your own town.

There are many reasons why people come to the island and never leave; there is always something to discover. To me, downtown Victoria is about networking, creativity, and community.


This city would not be what it is without the hard work of the residents and workers who create a vibrant and safe place to live and be.

4 responses to “Your Place to Be: Meet Parris JuRay

  1. Wow! I loved reading about this young man. Very inspiring to learn of involved, enterprising individuals who seem to understand the theory of “bloom where you are planted”!

    I also loved learning more about the non-retiring side of Victoria. Made me want to jump on a ferry!

    I won’t be surprised to one day read….”Parris for Mayor!”

    Best wishes,
    Judith Maxie

    1. Hello Judith: We too enjoyed learning more about Parris. His radiant smile and positive attitude are a gift to the downtown Victoria community. We’re curious to learn where you’re writing from? And, is there anything we can do to encourage you to jump on a ferry and visit the Victoria Public Market and other similar venues?

  2. It’s so nice to read this article about Parris. I work at the market on weekends, it has a great atmosphere and Parris is an awesome manager!

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