We are pleased to introduce you to the kind-hearted Mavis, Chair of the Board of volunteers at the socially conscious Global Village Store.

What is Global Village Store?

We are a registered non-profit, fair trade business selling handmade crafts, teas and coffees from developing nations around the world. We feel that Fair Trade is an important way to assist people in these nations to make a fair living, become self-sustaining while continuing to make their traditional crafts.

Our customers are able to shop guilt-free and enjoy a unique shopping experience.


A Different Model

This store has been operating in Victoria for 30 years. I am privileged to Chair the Board of volunteers which meets monthly to decide on the Store’s operations, such as ordering, outreach, grant dispersal, store displays and community involvement.


Volunteering is an incredibly important aspect of our store. There are usually up to 30 people on our volunteer list who usually volunteer one four-hour shift per week and some have been doing so for many years while others may be with us for only a few months.

Volunteering is always a delight as we are fortunate to have many interesting customers!


A Reflection of Who We are

We chose to locate the store downtown because it is a reflection of who we are – at the heart of the community, volunteer operated, independent, supportive, and willing to share both time and knowledge.


Do Your homework and stay positive

My advice is to be sure to know the goals of your business venture and to work with supportive people to help you to reach them.

Do your homework before going ahead and stay positive.

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