“Everyone was so happy. The energy was great. People were dancing as they walked along. The live music was incredible.” – Car Free YYJ Vendor

The 4th Annual Car Free Day YYJ transformed nine blocks of Douglas Street into a showcase of Victoria. More than 35,000 people attended. This packed event was fuelled not only by the hot, HOT sun, but also by more than 400 local businesses, non-profit organisations, artisans, and performers.

“It was cool to see so many businesses I hadn’t heard about–a funky blend of downtown and not downtown. Everyone was engaging. I also got to sign up to volunteer
for a cause I love.” – Car Free YYJ Guest

Photo by: Lindsey Blane

Displays ranged from charging your phone with an exercise bike, to smelling soap samples, from lounging on the grass to handing your bike off to a valet. From families in fathers’ day mode, to packs of teens having a look, from curious kids to elderly couples out for a stroll, everyone was there.

If you were there, I hope you agree that there was an incredible feeling of joy and spirit amplified by the different sounds of music, chatting and laughter blending together. The popularity of this event speaks to how much the people of Victoria love community. Instead of engines, brakes, horns and sirens, we heard giggles, happy chatter and wicked tunes.

“It’s clear this event is here to stay because everybody love it.” – Jeff Bray, DVBA Executive Director

See you next year!


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