The Good Planet Company has been a part of the Downtown Victoria small business community for almost 15 years now, and in that time they have worked hard to not only become a part of the community but a resource for customers and other small businesses. Staffed by enthusiastic people, all on different parts of their journey to eco-friendly and waste-free living, they are always gathering information and redistributing it to their customers, helping troubleshoot more difficult no-waste situations.


Good Planet coffee cupDid you know that paper coffee cups don’t get recycled in the paper bin? Those get put with hard plastic, like pop bottles! Sorting out the proper way to recycle in the area has helped to get them certified by Surfrider as well as receive the Green tier Vancouver Island Green Business Certification. Most of the staff bus or bike to work, and believe in the products they sell enough to use them in the store and at home. They are always on the lookout for more tips and tricks they can share on their blog and other social media.


Behind the scenes, The Good Planet is constantly moving towards becoming a zero waste business. On top of usual waste reduction techniques, such as offering e-mail receipt options, using more efficient appliances, lights and cleaning products, refusing single-use plastic bags, etc., Good Planet works with local recycling companies for those harder to deal with items, and is always looking for other ways to repurpose or recycle those things not yet possible in Victoria’s recycling streams. They will even take back packaging from their products if customers are having a hard time recycling it on their own.


Good Planet Reusable BagsThe Good Planet endeavors not only to operate with a mind to sustainability in the store but also in the products that they carry. They produce their own products in store, source locally as often as possible and when they can’t, they look into the products thoroughly. Focusing on products that are cleaner, consumable, reusable, and/or recyclable, they carry a wide variety of things to help reduce waste in the home, provide healthier alternatives to a lot of everyday products, and also some fun and unique gifts for everyone in your life from the newest dabbler in eco-friendly living to the seasoned No-Waster.


Good Planet Ceramic Mugs
They also focus closely on the ethics of the companies they work with. Though they try to source as locally, when that isn’t an option, they look for products and suppliers with strong commitments to environmentalism, global ethics, fair trade policies and avoid corporations. Working with one of their suppliers, Good Planet recently ran a drive collecting reusable bags that were worn out or unused to be redistributed to communities in need and kept out of landfills. They are always looking into other local and global charities they can work with, other groups they can lend some time to, or other options for reducing and recycling any and all waste that comes out of the store.


The Good Planet believes everyone deserves a little bit of luxury in life and encourages customers to remember that being good to the planet doesn’t mean depriving yourself. In fact, sometimes that means investing in the right piece that’s going to perform and last the way you need it to.


Good Planet Candles and Pillows

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