Cities are changing. The most successful cities globally according to the experts, data, and the people living in them are human-scale, sustainable cities that put people first. A key part of putting people first is to plan and implement transportation solutions in cities that focus on moving people quickly, affordably and efficiently. This is good for business. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for the health and well-being of citizens. This what the research and data say. We believe this too. That’s why the City and the DVBA have teamed up to offer a new EcoStar award – the Transportation Mode-Shift Award to be presented to a local business at the annual EcoStar awards.

This new award category recognizes businesses and other organizations that are incentivizing or encouraging staff and/or customers to shift modes and arrive at their location by sustainable transportation.

The EcoStar Awards planning committee expected applications for initiatives such as subsidized bus passes for staff, encouraging staff to cycle to work, incentive programs for active commuting, discounts for customers who arrive by bicycle, and other programs. The awards committee will pull stories and ideas from all applicants and share them widely to inspire other businesses and organizations.

The City and the DVBA are working together to address transportation challenges and opportunities. The Transportation Mode-Shift Ecostar Award is a fun and easy way to recognize and celebrate success and inspire others to act.

Congratulations in advance to the two nominees Hughesman Morris CPAs and Kid Sister Ice Cream for applying initiatives that inspire others to look differently at how we move around in our city. We look forward to sharing their stories as inspiration for how we can all incorporate other modes of transportation into the way we get around our City.

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