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Hello Victoria! I am Zoe, the new summer marketing co-op student for the DVBA. As a fresh “Victorian” who enjoys the culinary scene and the lovely weather in Victoria, it’s my pleasure to introduce some of the places I love visiting downtown! You might discover businesses you don’t recognize or maybe you will find spots you also recommend. Read on for a downtown guide from a newcomer’s view!

Treats For Long Day

After a long working/school day, I like to treat myself to be ready for a new day.

Wah Lai Yuen Bakery + Restaurant

560 Fisgard St | Website 

Wah Lai Yuen Bakery + Restaurant offers tasty buttered pineapple buns that I always grab to celebrate a day’s end. The crispy outside and tender inside layers with melting butter in the middle create an interesting texture that satisfies my desire for a special treat. If you have time to dine in, I recommend you eat the bun with Hong Kong-Style milk tea, coffee, or yuen yeung.

Chimac Korean Pub & Fried Chicken

512 Yates St | Website 

If you are also a fried chicken lover, you cannot miss Chimac! Garlic soy chicken is always my top choice. If you are a pescatarian,  spicy pan-fried udon will be your best choice to try out Korean-style cuisine. If you would like to taste different flavours of the signature chicken, call your friends and enjoy the time spent together having fun and exchanging stories while eating this delicious Korean food.

For Lunch Break

Hunting a place for lunch on your own or with colleagues? The list below might give you some inspiration!

Café Hanoi

784 Humboldt St | Website 

From pho, red wine stew, sandwiches, and salad rolls to Egg Coffee, Café Hanoi covers all traditional Vietnamese food that are golden choices for your lunch. My Vietnamese friend comments that the flavour of food served there is pretty authentic and absolutely worth going. Although I only visited there a few times, its “Phở Bo Sốt Vang-Beef Stew Marinated In Red Wine” left me full but still wanting more. You can barely smell the wine in this combination of French-style beef stew and pho noodle soup, which means the cuisine will not get you drunk for the work left the rest of your day!

Uchida Eatery

 633 Courtney St | Website 

As Uchida Eatery does not offer options of dine-in or phone orders at this moment, it’s a little mysterious. However, what hides behind the mysterious veil is a delicious and local restaurant that is in my top 5 of my favourite restaurants in downtown Victoria. They change their menu daily so you can always find something new but they always serve handcrafted Japanese-style goodies on weekdays! As a person who does not like sashimi (raw fish) at all, I typically order their curry whose flavour, spices, and ingredients add new dimensions to the taste.

Dinner Dates

Choosing downtown restaurants for dinner dates is a golden choice for a great night!

King Sejong Restaurant

650 Yates St | Website 

You know when you crave food so badly that you could eat it every day without getting sick of it? For me, I get obsessed with the Korean food from King Sejong Restuarant. I usually order their Kimchi Jjigae or Gamjatang which comes with well-cooked rice and three delightful side dishes. I like to add the leftover rice to the soup and eat them together. The rice absorbs the flavours of the soup and brings another level of taste. Last but not least, drink the barley tea they offer to wash away the bad breath so that you can enjoy the rest of your night!

Le Petit Saigon

1010 Langley St | Website 

On cold days I am always looking for delicious spicy food to warm me up, and Le Petit Saigon is my first choice for these occasions and for dinner dates. I frequently order spicy beef soup that has tender sliced steak and rice noodles in spicy lemongrass broth. As a foodie who does not tolerate very spicy food, my tip is to squeeze the lemon into the broth and stir well to balance the flavour. The huge portions always leave me so full I have to take the leftovers for the next day, which is a personal tip to save money. As they are usually busy at dinner time, I strongly recommend you book a table before you visit!

What are your favourites?

I would love to know your favourite spots downtown! Please email me at, send us a message on Facebook, or DM us on Instagram. I read all the messages and would love to explore downtown and try new places!

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  200-764 Yates Street, Victoria BC