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Want to learn a new skill?


Learning new things keeps our brains active and our lives interesting. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge in a personal capacity or to gain new skills for the professional world, there are thousands of options to choose from.

To help you begin your quest, we have put together a list of some ideas for things to try and new skills to learn.


Play the guitar

This is a great way to work out your mind and your fingers. Whether you learn better from sheet music or by ear, playing guitar is lots of fun. If you need to get a guitar or any accessories that go with it, check out Guitars Plus. They buy and sell guitars, pedals, amplifiers, and more! They also offer services such as guitars repairs, strap installation, and restringing, on both electric and acoustic models. If learning to play is your goal, they can help you get started!


Speak a language

Learning to speak a new language is a fantastic way to keep your brain active and engaged. It can also give you an advantage in the job market. An easy way to learn a new language at home is to download the free app, Duolingo. There are also some language schools here in downtown Victoria that would love to help you on your way: Inlingua College of LanguagesGeos Languages Plus, and Sprott Shaw Language College.


How to dance

Dancing is an exhilarating and freeing way to exercise and have fun. It’s also great for your brain to learn the various steps to the beat of music! Regardless of age or skill level, there are several dance studios downtown that offer classes across many different dance styles, from hip-hop to jazz to tap and beyond! Check out Raino DanceNegma Belly Dance, and Vibestreet Dance for more information.

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The art of calligraphy

Feeling artistic? Want to write beautiful letters? Why not try and learn to do calligraphy? If you’re looking for beautiful cards and paper to carry your beautiful writings into the world, you should go to The Papery, Munro Books, and Russell Books. SpellBinding Journals make lovely hand-made books for sketching and writing, which are sold at The Papery, Monk Office, and the gift shop at the Royal BC Museum. Simply the Best has a beautiful collection of pens to choose from and to help you practice your new skill.


Floral Design

Do you love flowers and plants? Are you interested in developing your design skills? Pacific Design Academy offers a part-time Floral Design course, beginning in February. It is the perfect place to explore and learn about flower arrangements and the floral industry. Looking for inspiration for your displays? Check out these wonderful downtown flower shops:  Rook & RoseBrown’s the FloristFlowers on Top, and Poppies Floral Art.


Social Media Marketing

Being comfortable with social media can be so important, especially for businesses. Knowing how to market yourself, your products, and your business can make a huge difference in getting employment and having a successful business. Pacific Design Academy has a part-time course in Social Media Marketing. Sprott Shaw College has a Sales and Digital Marketing program. Alacrity Canada offers a Digital Marketing Bootcamp to which you can apply as a business or an individual.


With so many options and choices for the path of our learning, it can be difficult to decide what to try first. Sometimes we just have to give something a go to see if we like it. It’s okay to re-assess and change gears, just like it’s okay to drive right in. We are always learning and growing and no matter what you pick to pursue, you will learn something from it.

Downtown businesses want to help you learn new skills in whatever way they can. If they can support you by supplying their products or services, you will support them in return by buying them.

So have fun, try different things, and keep learning new skills!



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