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Looking for a New Hobby?


A hobby can bring much joy and fulfillment to life. It can help us realize our passions, many of which we may not have the opportunity to be paid for. When looking to find a new hobby, think about what makes you happy, what you enjoy doing, and what gives you a sense of accomplishment, and start there. Or try something totally new and exciting, and maybe you’ll discover something wonderful that you never thought you’d like.

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of a few great hobbies you can do right here in downtown Victoria:




Did you like treasure hunts as a child? Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Are you a fan of taking a walk and discovering new places? Why not combine all three and try a new activity: geocaching! Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunting activity for individuals, couples, families, and everyone in between. And the Geocaching app is free in the App Store! Take a chance and explore the hidden treasures of downtown. You never know what you’ll find and where!



Photography is a great way to get outside, whether on a bike, on foot, or by bus, and to gain a new perspective of the beauty of downtown Victoria. With a camera by your side, you start to notice new things, like the quality of sunlight, reflections, colours, and so much more! Don’t have a camera? Not to worry, Camera Traders has you covered. They sell new and used, digital and film, cameras and accessories, as well as equipment for developing your own photos!



Want a new way to explore our fair city? Try kayaking! There are many downtown businesses that will help you get out on the water, including MEC, Vahalla Pure Outfitters, Ocean River Sports & Adventures, and Victoria Kayak. They have everything you’ll need, from paddles to kayaks to safety/visibility gear! Ocean River and Victoria Kayak also offer tours if you want to give this fantastic activity a try before you outfit yourself for a solo excursion. It’s also a great form of exercise for your arms, legs, and core!



Collecting vinyl records

Vinyl Records have become quite the hot item in recent years. Many people say it is the best way to listen to the music you love. If you’re looking to begin or expand your record collection, there are some great spots to check downtown. You’ve got Ditch Records and CDs on Fort Street, Lyle’s Place on Yates Street, and The Turntable in Fan Tan Alley! Come on down and see what treasures you can find!



Art has a way of freeing us from inhibitions and processing emotions. From drawing to painting to sculpting to collage, we can express ourselves visually and use our imagination and creativity to make something beautiful. Art supplies, just like our inspiration, can come from anywhere, including a stroll to the beach or a walk in the park. Don’t know where or how to start? Both Opus Art Supplies and Thrift/Craft Alternative Art Supply are great spots to check for materials, inspiration, and advice for artists.


Jewellery Making

Jewellery making is another wonderful form of artistic expression, plus you get to wear your creations when you’re done! Whether you’re looking to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or you need some help getting started, definitely check out Argentum Jewellery School & Supply! They run classes in the traditional art of silversmithing. Also, Bamboo Beads & Bling and Beadworld, who carry huge selections of beads, pendants, findings, threading materials, tools, books, and more!


Knitting/Needlework/Needle Felting

These are wonderful activities for those grey, rainy days of Victoria winters. Make your own scarves, hats, gloves, embroidery, and felt art! Beehive Wool Shop offers individual lessons in knitting, crochet, and felting, as well as having a large selection of materials for you to make your own creations. Button & Needlework Boutique has extensive catalogues for knitting, buttons, and needlework materials, with international shipping options as well as in-store browsing.

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Whether you enjoy board games, escape games, online gaming, or all of the above, downtown has many options for fun! For board game lovers, you’ve got Board With Friends Cafe and Interactivity Board Game Cafe for both in-person gaming and board game purchase. Both Victoria Escape Games and Quest Reality Games offer escape room experiences, and if you enjoy horror, Horror Escape is the immersive experience for you! There’s also Infusion Edutainment Virtual Reality Lounge, with over 200 games and experiences!



Cooking is about making delicious food and enjoying our time in the kitchen. Whether you need some new supplies or want to learn more about culinary creations, downtown is here for you! At Cook Culture, you can pick up everything you’ll need for easy, fun, and successful cooking, including pots and pans, juicers, timers, and so much more! Want to try baking? Bon Macaron offers private macaron workshops, both for sweet and savoury creations!

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Don’t be afraid to try something new! Try brainstorming ideas. Talk to friends and family. There is a new hobby out there waiting for you and we wish you much luck on your journey to finding and pursuing it!



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