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Meet Lynne, Manager of Ann-Louise Jewellers at the Bay Centre

Lynne is the manager of Ann-Louise Jewellers. We asked her to share her thoughts about downtown Victoria and why she loves this Canadian family-owned business, located in the Bay Centre.

How would you describe the culture at Ann-Louise Jewellers?

“We have a sense of family with not only our staff but with customers as well.”

We really care about making our customers happy about their purchases. We want them to come back with their extended family and friends so everyone can experience that kind of customer service.

What do you love about downtown Victoria?

I love everything about downtown, from the beauty of the streets and buildings to the choice of shopping and restaurants. The idea that we live in a place where people want to spend their vacation makes me feel very lucky to live somewhere so beautiful.

Can you tell us about how you customize each customer experience?

We love making someone happy whether it’s a very young person looking for a gift for someone they love or for someone who wants to spoil themselves.

If we find that a line of watches or jewellery isn’t captivating our clients, we change it out and try something new. We have to keep people interested and happy.


Tell us an interesting fact that people may not know about Ann-Louise Jewellers.

“Most people don’t know we are family run and have been in business since the early ’80s.”

We do advertise, but because we are not a big corporate entity, you don’t see us as much in the media. We do promote ourselves on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms, so we are getting ourselves more out there.

How did you know that this industry was what you wanted to pursue?

I have always loved jewellery and never thought it was going to be my career. I got into it after university as a way to pay my student loans and loved it so much I’ve stayed for over 28 years in the business.

What do you like about having Ann-Louise Jewellers in the Bay Centre and what shifted you towards this location?

“I love the downtown core and wanted to stay here as long as possible.”

We have some of the most interesting clients being downtown and to have such diversity appeals to me.

How have you seen Ann-Louise Jewellers change in Victoria over the past 20 years?

We keep up with the trends and try to keep our image fresh. We have changed the location and look of our store three times in the Bay Centre.

“Our selection of stock is always evolving and changing.”

Having the Pandora brand of jewellery in our location has been amazing, especially since we are the only store downtown that carries it.

In terms of jewellery, what has changed over the years and what hasn’t changed?

That’s a big question since jewellery trends evolve all the time. I’d say at the moment rose gold has made a big impact, giving everyone something different to wear, but not limiting designs to either white or yellow gold. People have shifted to online shopping as well, which is difficult for many retailers and of course, we lose some business to that.

“The excitement of trying something on and touching it, especially an emotional purchase such as a ring, still keeps people coming into brick and mortar stores.”

What is Ann- Louise’s approach to sourcing ethical products?

We sell Canadian diamonds and use Canadian gold for some of our designs. We always try to be ethical in the sourcing of all of our product. This means knowing who our manufactures are and feeling confident that we are offering exactly what we say our product is.

We stand confidently behind all of our products.

What is your favourite place to eat, play or walk around in downtown Victoria?

I love being by the inner harbour and often wander around as if I am on holidays to see things with fresh eyes on my days off.

“I work and live in the downtown area and I am never tired of being here.”

The restaurants I go to vary and it just depends on my mood. One of my favourite places on Fort Street for Indian food is Mantra. I’m a foodie and I think we really do have a wonderful city for exploring all kinds of food with too many favourites to list.



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