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Have you heard about La Roux? 

La Roux Patisserie, recently celebrating its three-year anniversary, is smelling up the streets in Chinatown. With an all-female staff kitchen and a head chef trained in Australia, La Roux is changing the industry.


The most popular item on the menu you may ask?

The Paris Brest, a round choux pastry with praline and whip cream, leaves your taste buds hungry for more. All of their treats are made with love and intricate detail.


Meet Rebecca, the owner of La Roux:


How do you describe La Roux Patisserie?

I always describe La Roux as being pretty but not pretentious. The shop is gorgeous. I want people to feel special and comfortable when they come in. They can enjoy the patisserie with a delicious and beautiful pastry. I always encourage our serving staff to chat with our guests. We are so lucky to have the most lovely regulars.


“Really not a day goes by when I do not get at least one hug!”


What was the motivation behind starting your own small business? 

I retired from working as a legal assistant in 2014 from Calgary and I wanted a new challenge. I really love chatting with people and being part of their lives. Coming up with the branding and the feel was the part that I really enjoyed. I feel like I have achieved some of my goals and continue to build the brand.

Why did you choose downtown Victoria to open La Roux?  

I absolutely love this neighborhood! I could see the new energy and momentum building in this historic area. I got to know a lot of the merchants and people that have done business here for many years. My family also did business here.“My great grandfather was the Peden of Scott and Peden. He owned the Swans building and my father worked with him in his shop.”  My dad was born in a house just a few blocks away. So, all in all, it just felt very right for me.


Do you have a favorite spot or hangout in downtown Victoria?

I love going for a beer with my daughter, Jordyn, who is a brewer at Category 12. “There are so many places to enjoy fantastic craft beers that we are so lucky to have here on the island.” Of course, on a sunny day, I love the glassed patio at Swans or if that is full, I also love the English style bar service at Drakes. They are both very friendly, and the food is great!


What do you love about downtown Victoria?

Victoria is the best little big city. Downtown is colourful. It has character and characters.


“I love seeing  the artists, the funky old ladies with purple hair, the hipsters, and the girl that wears a flower crown, all mixed in with the business people and families.”



Check out more about La Roux:
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  200-764 Yates Street, Victoria BC


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  200-764 Yates Street, Victoria BC