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Something for everyone

Migration Boutique is a permanent artisan fair where you can find handmade gifts from over 60 local artists. I also purchase directly from friends and designers overseas, supporting both local businesses and ethical production. Migration has something for everyone! Products include men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, jewellery, accessories, art, and giftware items.


Path to Success

This is our 15th year in business! We started through events such as markets, festivals, designer shows and by wholesaling to local boutiques. Eight years ago, I decided to put on my first “Pop-Up” shop at the Bay Centre during the holiday season. The store was a major success and the mall and our customers asked us to come back. We had seven pop-ups at The Bay Centre before we settled into our home on Government Street in March 2018.


Victoria has many talented artists and creatives in this beautiful city. My calling is to bring these designers together and showcase their amazing talent in one gorgeous boutique!


Whats in a Name?

We started as “Lotus” and changed our name six years ago. The name Migration comes from my love of travel to far away lands… (Mostly to the warm ones). We also consider ourselves a “Migratory” boutique as we have popped up in numerous locations and continue to do host events around Victoria and Vancouver.


That Travel Bug

I have been travelling for many years and I have always been greeted with an overwhelming sense of community and family. The colours, cultures, and people’s passion for life keep me returning overseas and drive me to combine my love of travel and design. In every country I visit, I look for local crafts and designs. The creativity of the local artisans inspires me.


All of the kindness and friendship I have experienced during my adventures inspires me to be as helpful to the people I have met as they have been to me.


Buyer beware

I believe that buyers have a choice when it comes to purchasing products for their store. Everything from buying the silk for my “Thai Silk Line” from the home of a Thai family to finding my lovely tailor and friend “Ead” enables me to support small businesses and ethical production. These important steps help to ensure items brought to the market are one-of-a-kind and personal.


Take care of your team (and yourself!)

Running your own business has many rewards. It comes from passion, loving what you do, hard work, dedication, determination and taking risks. You have to be passionate about what you do. I have learned that it is very important to take care of yourself and take time for yourself away from your business. Get as much help as you can.


Find an amazing team as I have, and treat them well because your team is the face of your business.





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