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Happy “Kids (if you have them) Are Back in School this Week!” And for the rest, happy first  “official” work week of 2019. How’s that inbox treating you? Don’t worry, this post’s short and sweet.

So. 2019. There seems to be three camps: the resolution-enthusiasts, the “I don’t believe in resolutions; I just strive to be my best all the time” and the “meh” camp.   

No matter where you stand, January’s a great time to learn about your downtown Victoria fitness options because there are so many sweet deals right now.

From bootcamp to flamenco, from bellyfit to powerlifting, from walking to spin, yoga and aerial hoop, your choices are exhaustive. Where do you even start? Maybe you have your gym, your class, your practice. That’s great. But, if you’re curious to start something new or continue something you love but have not done in, ah, oh, how many years? Here’s a list of downtown Victoria’s rich offerings.


“Think of fitness like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, and do it daily, for at least 30 minutes. Write out a list of physical activities you enjoy and do those, then elevate it with feedback from a personal trainer, class or even a heart rate monitor. It doesn’t need to be hardcore. It’s the long game—your healthy life.”  

Jeff Dallin, Principal, Innovative Fitness Victoria


Dance Dance Dance

Amethyst Dance and Fitness

Raino Dance

Vibestreet Dance

photo credit: Forge Victoria

Gyms with So Much More


Forge Victoria

Good Life Fitness

Innovative Fitness


Studio 4


“I love the social connection classes bring. You can feel the energy in the room and feed off each other. If you’re having a down day, you leave amped. With a good sweat going, moving to the music, your mind turns off. So good.”

Marika Veldink, instructor at Spinco


Martial Arts


Integrity Arts

Island MMA

Peterec’s Muay Thai Centre



The Running Room


photo credit: Bellyfit


“Whatever fitness you choose has to be fun, accessible and within your budget to keep it going and love it.”

-Alice Bracegirdle, Founder of Bellyfit, classes at Moksana


Yoga and Beyond

Ashtanga Yoga Victoria


One Yoga Victoria

Quantum Yoga Clu

Other Amazingness…

Axe & Grind

CragX Climbing Centre

Laser Tag Fun Centre


photo credit: Ashtanga Victoria


So that about wraps it up for now. Looking for sports rentals, like kayaks? Check out last year’s blog for that. The sun’s out today, time for a walk. Walking and exploring this city’s always another beautiful option up for grabs. Love this city, rain or shine, or whatever it was doing last month.  


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