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“Let’s grab a coffee.”
“Let’s discuss it over tea.”
“Why don’t we meet at X. It’s new and I’ve been dying to try it.”

…Yum, yum, yum. Downtown Victoria has so many tasty options to explore while you meet, interview, reconnect, network and more. But take a look outside, maybe mix it up a little, and throw a sports rental into your meeting/team outing/reconnect/teambuilding. Rent kayaks for an hour, or bikes and take a spin along the water, or chill on a SUP while you see if your minds connect well. Sometimes it’s nice not to sit right across the table from someone. Doing something active while chatting can be really effective. It frees up the mind and gets that oxygen in there. Just a thought.

Author Nilofer Merchant gave a TED Talk about this. “Sitting has become the smoking of our generation…So, instead of going to coffee meetings or florescent lit meetings, I asked people to go on a walking meeting …There’s this amazing thing about getting out of the box that leads to out of the box thinking.”

Want some help with that planned spontaneity? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a complete list of the sport rental companies within the downtown Victoria boundaries.

We’ll see you out there…Because we can!

Downtown Victoria bike rental family friendly

photo credit: Bike Tours Victoria BC


Bike Tours Victoria * Accessibility: They have trail-a-bikes 

The Pedaler * Accessibility: They have tandem bikes, e-bikes and access to a trishaw 

Trishaw bike rental accessible downtown Victoria

photo credit: Cycling Without Age (trishaw featured)

Cycle Treks * Accessibility: One tandem bike attachment

North 48 Bikes  

Victoria Cycle BC * Accessibility: e-bikes

Sports Rent Bikes, SUP, Canoes, in-line skates, etc. *Accessibility tandem bikes and trail-a-bikes

Seawall Adventure Centre


Kayak, Canoe and SUP

Ocean River Sports * Accessibility: wheelchair accessible dock

SUP Victoria

SUP rental family-friendly downtown Victoria

photo credit: SUP Victoria

Victoria Kayak * Accessibility: wheelchair access and dog-friendly

Kayak rental in downtown Victoria kid-friendly dog-friendly

photo credit: Victoria Kayak

Handy tips for paddling around Victoria:


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  20 Centennial Square, Victoria BC


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  20 Centennial Square, Victoria BC