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Johnson Street Bridge

The area around the Johnson Street Bridge is now an active construction zone. The existing bridge will stay open throughout construction as crews build the new bridge to the north. The new bridge is expected to open to traffic in 2017. A full overview of construction activity can be found here.
The new bridge will feature new pathways and bike lanes, improving safety and accessibility for cyclists, pedestrians, and those who use mobility aids. Upon completion, it will be the largest single-leaf bascule bridge in Canada, and one of the largest in the world, creating a new iconic structure and destination within Victoria’s Inner Harbour.
For updated information about the bridge construction project including renderings, media information and more, please visit JohnsonStreetBridge.com. Relevant construction updates that we receive from the City of Victoria will also be posted below.


Upcoming Marine Channel Work and Five Day Closure

July 30, 2015

In mid-September, large sections of the new bridge’s structure will be installed with support from the same large barge and crane (the Arctic Tuk) that was used during the removal of the rail bridge in 2012. The current bridge is expected to remain open to pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles throughout most of the work, however the marine channel will be closed to marine traffic for five days as crews complete the work.

Correspondence with Upper Harbour stakeholders is currently underway to plan around the closure and minimize impacts to those who use the marine channel.


Current and Ongoing Construction Activity

July 30, 2015

Work currently underway onsite on the west side of the bridge includes new multi-use trail connections, the construction of a large retaining wall beside the future multi-use trail, and the foundation work for the new pedestrian overpass. This work is expected to be ongoing from now until early 2016.

On the east side of the bridge, crews are currently completing utility and drainage work in the areas near the road approaches to the bridge. This work is expected to continue in the area until early 2016. Improvements to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles throughout these busy construction areas continue to be made.

In the harbour, PCL has made significant progress in the construction of the bridge foundation. Crews are currently focusing efforts on preparing the new bridge piers for the placement of large support beams that will form the new bridge deck road approaches.


Updated Project Schedule and Budget

July 30, 2015

The project schedule has been revised to reflect delays in the fabrication and delivery of steel for the movable section of the new bridge. As a result of delays, the bridge is now expected to open to traffic in the spring of 2017, with final project completion including the decommissioning of the existing bridge expected in the fall of 2017.

The budget for the project has also been revised to $96.8 million, including a recently approved additional $2.554 million for necessary professional consulting services, habitat compensation, and legal costs. The City will seek to recover many of the costs resulting from steel fabrication and construction delays through the mediation process currently underway between the City, PCL, and MMM Group.


Public Spaces and Landscaping

July 30, 2015

Recent improvements to aesthetics to the area include reinstalling irrigation, repairing landscaping, and minimizing construction signage and clutter in the area as much as possible.

With recent changes to the project timeline and budget, options are currently being reviewed to bring forward to Council for how to complete landscaping and future public spaces to be created on the both sides of the bridge. Considerations currently being reviewed include a timeline for when spaces can be completed, updated estimates for the budget needed based on designs shared with Council and the community in 2012, and consideration for interfaces with neighbouring properties and future developments.

A report will be presented to the Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting in August outlining a range of options for Council to consider.

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