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Clean Team

The DVBA's Clean Team compliments the City's efforts in keeping our Downtown clean. There are six full-time members on the team.  The Clean Team is on duty from 7 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. every weekday and extends its hours during summer months.

The City of Victoria's Engineering Department provides twice-daily cleaning of Downtown streets and sidewalks, as well as twice-daily pick-ups at garbage receptacles. Each spring, the department pressure washes sidewalks throughout the Downtown. While they are doing this, the DVBA's Clean Team washes windows, doorways, and recesses of buildings. This yearly initiative removes accumulated grime in public and private spaces and provides individual property and business owners with the perfect platform for keeping space in front of and around their premises clean and attractive.

As part of the services provided by the DVBA's Clean Team, downtown business and property owners are invited to call the DVBA office at 386-2238 if there is drug paraphernalia on your property that needs to be picked up and safely disposed of. This service is provided free of charge. Along with removal of drug paraphernalia, the Clean Team also reinforces the long-standing efforts of City staff to identify and remove graffiti in public and private areas. If you have graffiti in the downtown which is in need of removal please call either of the following numbers:

Graffiti on public property (City of Victoria) 250-361-0466
Graffiti on private property (DVBA)  250-386-2238*

*If the Clean Team is unable to remove the graffiti using their chemicals, they will offer alternative graffiti removal options - including providing the free labour to paint over the tag if your business/property provides the paint.

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