What motivated you to start a business in this sector?

I’m an artist. I love working in a place where I can create; arranging the clothing and the colours in the displays is like painting.

I used to own a vintage shop in Vancouver, and I learned a lot about clothing there, and the history of clothing.

What’s your biggest inspiration?

People come in looking for something for a wedding or a first date and I get to be part of it. I love connecting people to art pieces that make them feel amazing whenever they wear them.

We’re stylists here, and I love to help women style themselves in a way that makes them feel great.

What’s the most rewarding part?

Debunking women’s myths about their bodies. We have a tendency to focus on what we see as the negative aspects of ourselves. I love to help women focus on the things they like about themselves rather than the things they don’t, and choose pieces that genuinely make them feel happy.

Main Challenges?

Because of the location it can be weather dependent. So, if it snows or something there’s no one on the street and you have to keep busy some other way! It’s a good time to reorganize and change the energy around. Or we’ll have a staff appreciation day.

What’s great about the location?

The bustle of the street. Victoria is great because it’s not so big that you don’t know the other business owners. The business community is very supportive.

I don’t believe in competition, I believe in complimenting.

Downtown is great because its so diverse. Diversifying and densifying is wonderful for the community.

What are your favourite places downtown?

Patios! I love all the patios downtown. The Livet patio is incredible, there’s nothing better than getting some tapas and a glass of wine. If you go there when the sun is going down the lighting is perfect.

Also, the coffee culture is great.

What should people know about Folk?

It’s a family business. My kids will come in and help me here. When people spend money here it goes towards dance lessons or is invested back into the community in some other way.

I love my job, I’m living the dream.

Retail has a bad rep for being a transition job but it can be a career if you put enough into it.

Folk has been thriving for over four years. Find them online and on facebook.